Lil Pump Goes Off at Joe Budden for No Specific Reason: "You're Worthless; Go Hit A Man, Not A Woman" | WhatsOnRap

Lil Pump Takes Shots at Joe Budden on Social Media

Lil Pump Launches Social Media Attacks Against Joe Budden, Accusing Him of Ass*ult and Dr*g Use.
Lil Pump has taken to social media to launch a series of attacks against rapper-turned-podcaster Joe Budden. On Tuesday (Jan. 23), Lil Pump used his Instagram Story to share multiple posts, specifically dissing Budden and calling him out for past ass*ult allegations involving women.

In the first post, Lil Pump typed, "Fk Joe Budden 43-year-old dr*g addict. Woman [beater you're] worthless, go hit a man not a woman." The South Florida rapper continued his verbal ass*ult in subsequent posts, sharing a mugshot from one of Joe Budden's previous arrests in a second story. 

Additionally, Pump posted a screenshot of an article detailing Joe Budden's apology following accusations of se*ual ass*ult by fellow podcaster Olivia Dope. The tirade concluded with Lil Pump stating, "It's never OK to hit women. [You're] a piece of s**t."

Lil Pump goes off on Joe Budden:

The accusations against Joe Budden from the past are serious, but the motive behind Lil Pump's sudden outburst on Jan. 23, 2024, remains unclear. Notably, in 2017, Lil Pump had cosigned the Migos' "Ice Tray" single, which took shots at Joe Budden, but there has been no apparent major feud between them in recent times.

The unexpected and targeted nature of Lil Pump's social media ass*ult has left fans and observers puzzled, wondering about the catalyst for this sudden escalation. Whether there is an underlying issue or a new source of conflict between the two remains uncertain. Still, Lil Pump's decision to publicly call out Joe Budden has stirred conversations across the hip-hop community.

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