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NLE Choppa's Mother Takes a Stand, Calls Out Blueface in Ongoing Beef

NLE Choppa's Mom Warns Blueface: 'Keep Me Out of Your Beef!'
NLE Choppa's mother, Angela Potts, firmly addresses Blueface, expressing her disapproval of the ongoing feud with her son in a direct Instagram Stories message. Potts dismisses the proposed boxing match as a publicity stunt for Blueface's new music, emphasizing her disdain for the unnecessary drama.

"Blueface, keep me out y’all bullshit," Potts asserts. "Keep my name out your mouth. 'Cuz I don’t play with kids." She criticizes the online banter between the two rappers, labeling it as mere jokes that escalated unexpectedly. Potts contends that the internet exchange was never intended to lead to an actual boxing match, calling out the sudden change in narrative.

"Y’all playing on the Internet and joking. Now all of a sudden, you want to get on the Internet and say all this other shit, when you knew there wasn’t an ordeal in the first fuckin’ place," Potts declares, addressing the perceived shift in Blueface's stance.

This unfolding comes after Blueface responded to NLE Choppa's challenge for a boxing match. Choppa initiated the call-out on Twitter, seeking to arrange a celebrity boxing match in Vegas. Blueface, known for his previous involvement in boxing, welcomed the opportunity, indicating enthusiasm for the matchup.

The initial challenge emerged following Blueface's subtle disses directed at NLE Choppa on the remix of his fiancée Jaidyn Alexis' track "Barbie." Blueface's response to Choppa's boxing proposal suggests a willingness to engage in physical competition.

As tensions rise, Angela Potts intervenes, urging Blueface to avoid unnecessary conflicts and drama involving her son, NLE Choppa.

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