North West has a new diamond grill right after Kanye West showcased his teeth with $850,000 titanium dentures | WhatsOnRap

After Kanye West unveils his $850,000 titanium dentures, North West showcases a dazzling new diamond grill

North West Shines with Diamond Grills as Kanye Unveils $850K Titanium Dentures: The Wests' Dazzling Dental Revelations.

In a recent TikTok shared on the joint account of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, their 10-year-old daughter, North, flaunted a dazzling accessory. Simultaneously, Kanye, along with his dental team, unveiled his latest dental transformation, a complete set of titanium dentures.

Within North's TikTok post, the 10-year-old featured in a series of recent images, one of which prominently showcased her teeth. In a standout picture, the young Hulu star presented her dental bling to the camera with a caption reading, "Random."

While North maintained her usual appearance, sporting a tie-dye tee featuring The Simpsons print and her hair styled in long braids, the noticeable change was the tiny, shimmering diamonds adorning two of her upper teeth and six on the bottom.

On the same day, Kanye West offered a sneak peek of his newly installed full grill. The solid titanium piece gleamed against a black background, providing viewers with a close-up inside his mouth. These bespoke dentures, described as "more expensive than diamonds," were personally designed by Kanye himself and came with a staggering price tag of $850,000.

North West's TikTok revelation adds a youthful twist to the West family's penchant for making bold fashion statements. Meanwhile, Kanye's choice of custom dentures not only showcases his penchant for unique expressions but also raises eyebrows with its hefty cost.

As the West family continues to capture attention with their distinctive style, the combination of North's diamond-studded grills and Kanye's high-priced titanium dentures adds yet another chapter to their ongoing narrative of avant-garde fashion and individuality. The evolution of their public personas remains an intriguing spectacle within the realm of celebrity culture.

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