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Rick Ross Accidentally Broke Adin Ross' Chair During Livestream

Rick Ross' Chair Mishap Unveils Revelations: From Broken Seating to Personal Struggles and Sobriety Journey
Rick Ross found himself in an unexpected moment of amusement during a recent appearance on Adin Rosslivestream, which took place on January 3. Engaged in conversation with the internet personality, the MMG mogul shifted in his chair, leading to an unexpected cracking sound as it gave way under his weight.

Unfazed by the incident, Rozay humorously attributed the mishap to his "heavy pockets." Light-heartedly dismissing the embarrassment, he remarked, “I just broke the chair, man. Pockets too heavy, heavy weight. I just broke the fucking leg.”

Following the chair mishap, Rick Ross gracefully transitioned into sharing captivating details during the conversation, providing a glimpse into the extent of his wealth. Brimming with pride, he announced, "Rozay boasts an impressive collection of over 200 cars" and casually mentioned, "I'm on the verge of owning 20 homes!"

Taking a more serious turn, the Port of Miami rapper delved into his past struggles with lean addiction. Acknowledging the adverse effects of the substance, he issued a stern warning against its usage, revealing its impact on his health. Ross confessed, “I went hard with sipping lean, long time. It’s the reason why I believe I have seizures now. Still on seizure medication right now. I used to stay up two or three days at a time.”

Despite the hurdles, Rick Ross proudly announced several years of sobriety from the drug, acknowledging the toll it took on his memory. Urging others to reconsider, he emphasized, “It causes big damage. Everybody that’s [doing it], don’t mess with it. Stop right now.”

This isn’t the first instance where Rick Ross has openly discussed his battle with lean addiction. In a recent interview, he credited Meek Mill for playing a pivotal role in helping him overcome the habit. Reflecting on their camaraderie, Ross shared, “Being like a little bro, it could be something that you walk into the studio, you walk into your homie, and you see your homie not all the way on his A game. That’s one of the things that me and Meek most definitely had conversations about — vice versa, though.”

In this candid interview, Rick Ross not only addressed the chair incident but also provided a glimpse into his personal struggles and triumphs, offering a candid perspective on his journey of overcoming challenges and embracing a healthier lifestyle.

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