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Icewear Vezzo's Comments Encourage Response from Royce 5’9” on Eminem Interview

Detroit Rapper Icewear Vezzo Sets Record Straight on Eminem Misunderstanding in Exclusive Interview
Detroit rapper Icewear Vezzo recently addressed a misunderstanding with Eminem during an interview on My Expert Opinion with Matt Hoffa, leading to a call from Royce 5'9". Vezzo clarified that they didn't seek anything from Eminem but valued mentorship and guidance. 

He emphasized the importance of reaching out to young artists in his city, offering advice and connections. While acknowledging Eminem's status, Vezzo highlighted the power of constructive advice, expressing gratitude for such guidance in his own journey.

Continuing, Vezzo praised Royce 5'9", emphasizing the genuine support he provides. Royce, Eminem's close associate, makes behind-the-scenes efforts, offering valuable insights without seeking publicity. Vezzo underscored the significance of personal connections, noting that financial support isn't always necessary. He highlighted the importance of checking in on fellow artists, understanding their perspectives, and appreciating the impact of a few words of guidance.
Regarding Eminem, Vezzo clarified that there are no expectations or claims of owed favors. He encouraged Eminem to tap into the Detroit rap scene, emphasizing that the local artists respect his achievements. Vezzo shared that the encounter with Eminem was positive, reinforcing the mutual understanding.

Royce 5'9" responded by sharing an Instagram post, expressing "Love and Respect" for Icewear Vezzo and aiming to address any misunderstandings. Vezzo reciprocated the sentiment in the comments, emphasizing mutual respect.
Royce 5’9″ that’s Em’s homie. Homies do a lot of s–t for ni–as. He put calls in. He ain’t talk about it. He don’t post about it. None of that s–t but Royce makes real phone calls. He show ni–as love. He get ni–as real game. He ain’t never had to give a ni–a a dollar or feature or some studio time. None of that s–t. We got our own money bro. And it don’t hurt to tap in and see where my mind at bro. It just takes a few minutes to check a ni–a temperature. I ain’t the only one who said something. We all say s–t about that. And I think we put Em in the position to make him feel like we expecting something or we think dude owe us and it ain’t that bro.

- Icewear Vezzo

The interaction sheds light on the dynamics of mentorship, camaraderie, and the complexities within the Detroit rap community. It showcases the importance of genuine connections, guidance, and mutual respect in the ever-evolving landscape of hip-hop.

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