Royce 5’9”, Mr. Porter, Swifty McVay, and Kxng Crooked Respond to Dr. Umar's Comments About Eminem | WhatsOnRap

Eminem's Inner Circle Defends Against Criticism

Eminem's close-knit circle, including Royce 5’9”, Mr. Porter, Swifty McVay, and Kxng Crooked, passionately defends him against recent criticisms. Amidst the voices, the rapper's colleagues stood up for his legacy, countering remarks made by Dr. Umar on a podcast.

Mr. Porter, Eminem's collaborator, emphasized the rapper's gratitude for being part of the culture, pointing out his relentless work ethic and respect for other artists. He debunked claims of Eminem not contributing to charity, highlighting his discreet philanthropy. Mr. Porter expressed disdain for judging someone based on perceived donations and praised Eminem's consistent dedication to the craft.

Royce 5’9”, while acknowledging Dr. Umar's opinion, maintained that Eminem's status as a top-tier artist remains unaffected. He highlighted the rapper's influence on the hip-hop scene for decades, suggesting that no single opinion could diminish his legacy. Royce 5’9” recognized Dr. Umar's perspective, suggesting it stems from a belief that hip-hop originated in Africa, but he stressed the importance of the art form transcending cultural boundaries.

Swifty McVay from D12 joined the defense, expressing bewilderment at the racial angle injected into the debate. He questioned why Eminem's greatness needed to be framed as a race issue, deeming it nonsensical. Swifty McVay challenged the idea that opinions about Eminem should be influenced by race and reiterated that such discussions should focus on the artist's skill and influence.

Kxng Crooked, offering a sneak peek from an upcoming podcast, critiqued Dr. Umar's attempt to link Eminem to white supremacy. He cleverly played on the term "supreme emcee," highlighting Eminem's supremacy in the rap game without endorsing any racial implications. Kxng Crooked underscored the significance of Eminem's skill as a rapper, irrespective of his race.

In the face of external criticisms, Eminem's peers staunchly defended him, emphasizing his contributions, work ethic, and impact on the hip-hop genre. The united front from those who intimately know Eminem adds a personal touch to the ongoing conversation about his place in the rap landscape.

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