Popular Youtuber Anthony Fantano Calls Kanye West’s Album “Unreviewable Trash”

Anthony Fantano Slams Kanye West's 'Vultures 1' Album Labeling It  'Unreviewable Trash'

Kanye West's Vultures 1 Album Review: Anthony Fantano's Scathing Critique

Kanye West’s highly anticipated album, 'Vultures 1', has made its debut after facing numerous delays and controversies. Initially scheduled for release in December 2023, the album's journey to streaming platforms was fraught with setbacks, including a dispute with Nicki Minaj over the clearance of the track "New Body" and issues surrounding unauthorized sampling of various artists' work.

Despite its eventual release on February 9, the album encountered further hurdles, with it not appearing on Spotify until the following day. Reviews of the album have begun to surface, with one notable critic, Anthony Fantano, offering a scathing assessment.

Fantano, a prominent YouTuber known for his music reviews, didn't hold back in his critique of Vultures 1. Describing the album as "completely unreviewable trash," he cited Kanye West's controversial statements and behavior as influencing his perspective on the music. Fantano highlighted themes within the album's lyrics that he deemed troubling, asserting that separating the art from the artist was impossible in this case.

Addressing the music itself, Fantano criticized tracks like "Paid," labeling it as "unintentionally hilarious" and likening it to a "crappier version of 'Fade.'" Despite the album's initial success, debuting at No. 1 on iTunes upon release, it faced challenges on other streaming platforms. 

Vultures 1 was temporarily removed from Apple Music's charts and inaccessible on platforms like YouTube Music and Tidal. However, it has since returned to all streaming services.

The music, too, is sh*t. The song ‘Paid’ is one of the most unintentionally hilarious tracks I think Kanye has ever put out. It’s just a crappier version of ‘Fade

-Anthony Fantano

Anthony Fantano Delivers Harsh Critique of Kanye West's 'Trash' Vultures Album:

The controversy surrounding 'Vultures 1' underscores the complexities of separating an artist's personal life and actions from their creative output. While some may argue for the merit of the music independent of its creator, critics like Fantano emphasize the importance of considering the broader context and implications of an artist's work.

Kanye West's Vultures 1 has ignited debates and discussions within the music community, prompting reflection on the relationship between art, artist, and audience. As listeners navigate their own interpretations of the album, the discourse surrounding its release continues to evolve.

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