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J. Cole Receives High Praise from Benny the Butcher as the Best Rapper Alive

Benny The Butcher Praises J. Cole as Current Hip-Hop King
Benny The Butcher, known for his unapologetic lyrical prowess in the rap game, recently bestowed high praise upon J. Cole, declaring him as the unrivaled top-tier rapper of the present era. In a candid conversation with HipHopDX, the New York native shared his insights on the evolving landscape of hip-hop and why he believes J. Cole currently holds the crown.

Acknowledging J. Cole's consistent excellence throughout his career, Benny highlighted the undeniable impact of Cole's recent musical endeavors, which have elevated him to new heights of greatness. 
I’ma have to say Cole [is the best rapper alive]. Like right now, fresh in my memory right now. It gotta be that kid there, man.

- Benny the Butcher

Benny the Butcher Proclaims J. Cole's Dominance as the Top Rapper in the Game:

Benny emphasized the distinct aura surrounding J. Cole's artistry, noting that while Cole has always been a formidable contender in the rap scene, his recent body of work showcases a newfound sense of ownership and mastery. 
It’s a different aura with him, right? He always been a contender but I feel like he’s coming into his own right and standing over it

-Benny the Butcher

The rapper also provided insights into his recent experience at a writing camp with the Dreamville collective, where he witnessed J. Cole's unparalleled dedication and creativity firsthand.
I was at the Revenge of the Dreamers writing camp not too long ago and [J. Cole] was in there every day going crazy. A whole bunch of rappers in there – JID, Smino, Daylyt, me, Cole.

-Benny the Butcher

Furthermore, Benny underscored J. Cole's leadership qualities within the hip-hop community, commending him for actively pushing the culture forward and embracing his role as a visionary in the industry. "A lot of things that he do that he don’t have to do," Benny noted. "He realizes his responsibility of him being the top guy."

As Benny The Butcher continues to assert his own dominance in hip-hop, his admiration for J. Cole serves as a testament to the mutual respect and camaraderie among artists striving for excellence in the rap game. With J. Cole's unwavering dedication to his craft and Benny's unwavering commitment to authenticity, both artists exemplify the essence of true hip-hop greatness in the modern era.

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