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Benzino Accuses Eminem Of Lack of Black Friends During The Detroit Lions Game

Benzino Claims Victory Over Eminem in Ongoing Feud, Disses Em's Lack of Black Friends at Lions Game.
In the ongoing saga of Benzino and Eminem's long-standing feud, the two rappers continue to exchange verbal blows. Despite expectations of a ceasefire, both artists have intensified their battle. Eminem recently fired back at Benzino on "Doomsday Pt. 2," triggering a response from Benzino in the form of "Vulturius." Not one to back down, Benzino followed up with another diss track titled "Rap Elvis," once again accusing Eminem of being a culture vulture with insufficient respect for black art.

With two diss tracks unleashed and no immediate retaliation from Eminem, Benzino took to Instagram Live to bask in his perceived victory. During the live session, he didn't miss an opportunity to further provoke Eminem. 
One instance was when he dissected Eminem's appearance at a recent Detroit Lions football game. Benzino highlighted Eminem's presence in a skybox with friends, notably none of whom were black. Benzino argued that Eminem should have invited at least a couple of black friends, emphasizing an implied critique.

Benzino Continues To Attack Eminem Amid Their Ongoing Beef:

In addition to critiquing Eminem's social choices, Benzino confidently asserted his victory in the ongoing beef. He claimed that his two diss tracks surpassed anything Eminem could produce in response. It's worth noting that Melle Mel made similar claims after dissing Eminem the previous year. 

Despite their self-proclaimed triumphs, public opinion has not entirely sided with Benzino and Melle Mel. Nevertheless, Benzino remains on a victory lap, showing no signs of halting his celebration. In the world of rap culture and hip-hop drama, the Benzino-Eminem feud adds another chapter, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the next development in this ongoing verbal sparring match.

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