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Benzino Speaks On Why He Created The Source Awards

Celebrating Hip-Hop Excellence: The Source Awards Recognizes Trailblazing Artists
In a revealing disclosure, Benzino, the former CEO and co-owner of The Source Magazine recently delved into the genesis of the renowned Source Awards. According to the hip-hop mogul, the inception of this esteemed awards ceremony stemmed from the pervasive lack of recognition and respect for the genre within the Grammy Awards. 

Benzino's candid revelation sheds light on the ongoing struggle faced by hip-hop artists to gain acknowledgment from mainstream award platforms.

The reason we made the Source Awards: the Grammys weren't giving hip-hop respect at all. This has been going on forever

- Benzino

Benzino asserted, echoing the sentiments of many within the hip-hop community. His words underscore the frustration and disenchantment prevalent among artists who have long felt sidelined or undervalued by traditional award institutions.
Thats why the Source Awards was important because we control the narrative, what the Grammys just did was f**ked up, stop supporting.

- Benzino

Benzino Claims Source Awards Was Created Due to Grammys' Hip Hop Neglect:

Benzino's assertion that "we control the narrative" underscores the significance of the Source Awards in empowering the hip-hop community to take ownership of its cultural impact. The establishment of the Source Awards served as a pivotal moment for hip-hop, providing a platform where artists could be celebrated and recognized on their own terms.

Moreover, Benzino's critique extends beyond mere frustration, highlighting the perceived deliberate actions by the Grammys to marginalize hip-hop artists. His remark that "they do things on purpose to piss hip-hop off" speaks to a deeper systemic bias within the Grammy voting process. 

This perspective challenges the integrity of the awards system and underscores the need for greater inclusivity and representation within mainstream award institutions.

Benzino's call to "stop supporting" the Grammys resonates with a growing sentiment within the hip-hop industry. As artists and fans alike seek recognition from platforms that genuinely appreciate the genre's cultural significance, the Source Awards stands as a beacon of empowerment and validation for the hip-hop community.

Benzino, the former CEO and co-owner of The Source Mag's candid remarks offer a critical perspective on hip-hop treatment within mainstream award institutions. 

As the hip-hop community continues to navigate challenges and advocate for equitable recognition, the Source Awards remains a testament to the power of self-determination and cultural sovereignty. Through collective action and solidarity, hip-hop artists and enthusiasts can continue to shape the narrative and celebrate the enduring legacy of the genre.

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