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Conway The Machine Clears the Air After Benzino Diss Mentions Him in Eminem Feud

Conway The Machine Reacts to Benzino's Eminem Diss Track Drama

Conway The Machine, the renowned rapper hailing from Buffalo, New York, has recently addressed his inclusion in Benzino's latest diss track aimed at Eminem. In the track titled "Rap Elvis," Benzino taunts Eminem by mentioning Conway's departure from Shady Records.

Taking to Instagram on Wednesday (February 7), Conway clarified the situation, emphasizing his respect and appreciation for Eminem and his team, despite no longer being affiliated with Shady Records.

"I just wanted to speak on a few things," Conway began. "I heard the @benzinoislegendary_ joint and I just need to clear this up for everybody. 1. I didn’t LEAVE shady records. Also I never wanted to leave the label, My contracts were simply fulfilled."

He further expressed his gratitude towards Eminem, Paul Rosenberg, and the entire Shady Records team for providing him with an opportunity to pursue his dreams and support his family. Conway emphasized that he holds no ill feelings towards Eminem and his associates and urged others to leave him out of any conflicts or misunderstandings.

Conway The Machine Reacts After Being Mentioned In Benzino's Eminem Diss:

Griselda Records, Conway's collective, signed a distribution deal with Shady Records in 2017. However, it took several years before Conway released his debut studio album, "God Don’t Make Mistakes," under the imprint in 2022.

Reflecting on his relationship with Eminem during an interview with The Breakfast Club, Conway described it as primarily business-oriented. Despite the professional nature of their interactions, Conway acknowledged Eminem as a good person and expressed gratitude for the opportunities provided by Shady Records.

Conway's response serves as a testament to the bonds formed within the hip-hop community and highlights the importance of mutual respect and appreciation among artists. As he navigates his career independently, Conway remains focused on his craft and grateful for the support he has received throughout his journey.

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