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Charlamagne Acknowledges Benzino's Honesty and Respect in Emotional Response to Eminem's Beef

Charlamagne and DJ Envy Discuss Benzino's Emotional Interview on Drink Champs
Charlamagne tha God, Jess Hilarious, and DJ Envy recently delved into the emotional interview featuring Benzino on the popular podcast, Drink Champs, hosted by NORE and DJ EFN.

Amid the interview, Benzino opened up after indulging in some alcohol, expressing his frustrations and emotions regarding the ongoing narrative surrounding his beef with Eminem. His candid remarks shed light on his daughter's struggles within the industry and the pressure she felt to align with Eminem due to the ongoing feud.

After listening to the audio clip, Charlamagne offered his perspective, appreciating the raw honesty that often surfaces when individuals become intoxicated. He commended Benzino for speaking his truth in that vulnerable moment, emphasizing the sincerity behind his words.

Charlamagne further reiterated Benzino's sentiments, highlighting that the rapper doesn't harbor hatred towards Eminem or white people in general. Instead, his frustration stems from the continuous scrutiny and focus on his past conflicts, overshadowing his contributions to hip-hop culture, such as co-founding The Source magazine.

I like when people get that drunk. That’s when alcohol gets your holiness soul, you just start spilling your gut and give your life to the Lord in that moment. I respect it. Whatever he said in that moment is what he means. So, he don’t hate white people and he don’t have a problem with Eminem like that. That’s it.

- Charlamagne

Charlamagne Responds to Benzino's Emotional Reaction to Eminem Beef:

DJ Envy echoed Charlamagne's sentiments, acknowledging the unfair treatment Benzino has faced throughout his career. He emphasized Benzino's role in shaping the hip-hop landscape and the impact of The Source magazine in amplifying emerging artists' voices.
I feel Benzino. They play on Benzino’s name a lot. Let’s be honest. Benzino was one of the people who created The Source magazine which was an institution that helped so many different artists. They were doing so well.

- DJ Envy

Charlamagne and DJ Envy showed solidarity with Benzino, recognizing his contributions to hip-hop culture and expressing admiration for his candidness during the interview. The discussion on Drink Champs provided a platform for Benzino to share his truth and shed light on the complexities of navigating the music industry's dynamics.

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