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Joe Budden Praises Megan Thee Stallion's Success with "His" Despite Speculation Surrounding Industry Influence

Joe Budden Applauds Megan Thee Stallion's 'Hiss' Success Amidst Industry Debate and Controversy
During his podcast, Joe Budden extends his congratulations to Megan Thee Stallion for the achievement of her diss track, "Hiss," reaching the pinnacle of the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Despite some skepticism from fellow podcast members about the authenticity of the song's rise to the top, Budden emphasizes the significance of Megan's accomplishment.
A song with no hook, where you’re just firing at n-ggas and with that long speech in it, to go number one, that’s big,"

- Joe Budden

he expressed, acknowledging the uniqueness and impact of "Hiss." While acknowledging doubts raised by his podcast team about the role of industry machinery in the track's success, Budden maintains respect for Megan's achievement: "I think it was machine play behind it to make that happen," noted Lamar "Ice" Burney, while also commending Megan's accomplishment. 

Joe Budden Applauds Megan Thee Stallion's Chart-Topping Success with "Hiss":

The controversy surrounding "Hiss" extends beyond its chart performance, with comparisons drawn to Nicki Minaj's own diss tracks. Megan's rise to the top with "Hiss" places her alongside Nicki Minaj as the only female rappers to debut multiple songs atop the Hot 100 chart. Notably, Minaj's retaliatory track, "Big Foot," failed to achieve comparable success, peaking at No. 23.

Megan's celebration of her victory appeared to include subtle jabs at Minaj, such as sipping Hennessy through a straw, echoing a lyric from Nicki's diss track. Moreover, Megan dispelled notions of industry backing, revealing that she self-funded "Hiss," along with her previous single "Cobra" and forthcoming album.

While Budden praises Megan's accomplishment, his previous alignment with Nicki Minaj in their ongoing feud adds complexity to his support. In a recent interview with the Queen rapper, Budden facilitated discussions where Minaj criticized Megan and raised concerns about her management company, Roc Nation

Additionally, Budden cast doubt on reports of increased security at the cemetery where Megan's mother rests, allegedly due to harassment from Minaj's fans.

As Megan Thee Stallion continues to make waves in the rap scene with her chart-topping success, the ongoing dynamics between artists and industry machinery remain a subject of scrutiny and debate within the hip-hop community.

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