Kanye considered deleting his Instagram as he wanted his username changed from 'kanyewest' to 'Ye,' Instagram has approved

Kanye West Urges Followers to Call Him "Ye" as He Embraces Legal Name Change

Ye Asserts Identity: Shuts Down Kanye West Instagram, Embraces Legal Name Change
Kanye West, has taken a bold step in reclaiming his identity, making headlines once again in the hip-hop world. The Chicago-born rapper recently made waves on social media by announcing his decision to shut down his Instagram profile, citing his desire to be recognized by his chosen name, "Ye," rather than his former moniker.

In a candid text exchange with Justin Laboy, Ye expressed his frustration with being associated with his old name, stating:

My name is Ye. No brand or numbers gonna force me to call myself what they want me to still be.

- Ye

This declaration reflects his unwavering commitment to asserting his identity on his own terms, free from external pressures. Ye's determination to make the change official was evident in his original post, where he voiced his intent to reclaim the username "Ye" on Instagram

He emphasized the importance of autonomy, asserting, "Nobody finna bully nothing... My name is Ye now." Fortunately, Instagram responded promptly to Ye's request, with Laboy confirming that the platform had approved the change, signaling a victory for the artist in his quest for self-expression. 

Kanye West's Instagram Update: Username Switch to 'Ye' Approved by Platform:

This move comes on the heels of Ye's legal name change approval by a Los Angeles judge in 2021, a decision that further solidified his commitment to his new identity. Notably, his latest studio album shares the same title, underscoring the significance of this transition in both his personal and professional life.

In addition to reclaiming his name, Ye has also been vocal about protecting his brand. Earlier this week, he criticized Adidas for using his brandmark on "non-approved" Yeezy sneakers, specifically calling out the release of the 350 V2s in the colorway "Steel Grey." This incident serves as a reminder of Ye's unwavering dedication to maintaining creative control over his brand and ensuring that his vision is respected.

As Ye continues to navigate the complexities of fame and identity in the public eye, his bold actions serve as a testament to his resilience and determination to stay true to himself. With each step he takes, Ye reaffirms his status as a pioneering figure in the world of hip-hop, leaving an indelible mark on the industry and inspiring fans around the globe.

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