Kanye West Calls Out Adidas for Allegedly Selling Fake Yeezys, Accuses Brand of Filing $250M Lawsuit Against Him

Kanye West Slams Adidas Over Alleged Fake Yeezys and Lawsuit Threats

Kanye West Speaks Out Against Adidas Over Alleged "Fake Yeezys" and Legal Disputes
Renowned rapper Kanye West has taken to social media to voice his discontent with sportswear giant Adidas, accusing them of selling unauthorized Yeezy sneakers and initiating legal action against him.

In a series of Instagram posts, the controversial rapper lamented Adidas's purported exploitation of his brand, denouncing the release of unauthorized colorways of his signature Yeezy line as "fake" and "corny." West asserted that these color variations were not approved by him and criticized Adidas for profiting from them without compensating him accordingly.

Kanye West Speaks Out Against Adidas Over Alleged "Fake Yeezys" and Legal Disputes

Furthermore, West highlighted his frustration with the legal battles he is facing with Adidas, alleging that the company is suing him for a staggering $250 million. He expressed dismay over the lack of support from both the public and fellow celebrities regarding his ongoing struggles with Adidas, juxtaposing it with the attention garnered by trivial matters like his attire choices.
In a follow-up video, West elaborated on his grievances, accusing Adidas of exploiting contractual clauses and leveraging their business experience to unjustly exploit artists like himself. The rapper emphasized the magnitude of Adidas's actions, describing the situation as a brazen violation of artistic integrity and betrayal of trust.
Let me explain really clearly to you guys what’s happening now with Adidas. Not only are they putting out fake colorways that are non-approved, they’re suing me for $250 million and they’re also not paying me for these shoes that they’re putting out that have my name on them. They’re using contract clauses and 50 years of business experience to rape an artist, one of y’all favorite artists, right in front of y’all in broad daylight.

- Kanye West

Kanye West Claims Adidas Selling Fake Yeezys and Suing Him For $250M:

West's relationship with Adidas dates back to 2013 when they announced their partnership, leading to the release of iconic collaborations such as the NMD, Ultra Boost, and Yeezy collections. However, the partnership came to an abrupt end in October 2022 following West's controversial remarks, deemed antisemitic by Adidas.

Adidas swiftly denounced West's comments, emphasizing their commitment to diversity, inclusion, and respect. The sportswear brand clarified that West's statements contradicted their values and deemed them unacceptable and harmful.

Despite their once fruitful collaboration, Kanye West's fallout with Adidas sheds light on the complexities of artist-brand relationships in the fashion industry. As the legal battle unfolds, the rapper continues to advocate for transparency, fairness, and artistic autonomy in his dealings with corporate entities like Adidas.

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