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Kanye West Sparks Controversy As He Compares Himself to R. Kelly, Bill Cosby, and Jesus Christ in New Song "Carnival"  With Ty Dolla Sign, Playboi Carti and Rich The Kid

Kanye West's New Album Debut: Stirring Up Controversy and Excitement in the Rap World
Kanye West, the controversial figure in the rap world, has once again ignited the industry with the debut of his new album, "Vultures Volume 1." The album's unveiling took place at a spectacular listening party held at the iconic United Center in Chicago on Thursday night, February 8. 

This event marked the beginning of West's collaboration with Ty Dolla $ign, with whom he plans to release three collaborative projects.

At the heart of the excitement were over a dozen new tracks, including the standout "Carnival" featuring Playboi Carti and Rich The Kid
However, it was the lyrical content of "Carnival" that truly stole the spotlight. In a bold move, Kanye West name-dropped several controversial figures, including R. Kelly, Bill Cosby, Diddy, Taylor Swift, Jesus Christ, and Elon Musk

In one particularly striking verse, West raps:
Now I’m Ye Kelly, bitch/ Now I’m Bill Cosby, bitch/ Now I’m Puff Daddy rich/ That’s Me Too rich.

-Kanye West

The lyrics continue to reference Taylor Swift, alluding to West's infamous interruption of her acceptance speech at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2009.
I mean since Taylor Swift, since I had a Rollie on the wrist/ I’m the new Jesus, bitch/ I turned water into Kris/ This for what they did to Chris/ They can’t do shit with this.

- Kanye West

Kanye West Raises Eyebrows For Mentioning Bill Cosby, R. Kelly, Taylor Swift and Diddy in New Track "Carnival":

However, West's lyrical choices haven't come without criticism. With references to figures like R. Kelly, who is currently serving prison time for s*x trafficking and child p*rn*graphy, and Bill Cosby, whose r*pe conviction was overturned in 2021, West's lyrics have sparked debate and controversy.

Yet, it's not just the controversial content that has fans buzzing. West also addresses his own controversies, including accusations of antisemitism, with unapologetic defiance. On the track "The King," he boldly declares:

And I’m still crazy, bipolar, antisemite… and I’m still the king.

- Kanye West

Aside from the lyrical content, the album debut also featured collaborations with a star-studded lineup, including Travis Scott, Lil Baby, Quavo, Freddie Gibbs, Chris Brown, Timbaland, and Charlie Wilson. Although the event was livestreamed online, it ended abruptly due to reported "venue restrictions."

While "Vultures Volume 1" was scheduled for release on February 9, the album has yet to appear on streaming platforms. However, fans can now enjoy tracks like "Talking / Once Again," featuring West's daughter North West, and "Vultures (Havoc Version)."

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