Schoolboy Q Takes Aim at Tyler, The Creator & A$AP Rocky for Flopped Collaboration

Schoolboy Q Throws Shade at Tyler, The Creator & A$AP Rocky for Unsuccessful Collaboration

ScHoolboy Q and Tyler, The Creator Clash Over Missed Collaboration Opportunity
In the world of hip-hop, collaborations are often celebrated as moments of artistic synergy, but sometimes, they can lead to unexpected disputes. ScHoolboy Q, a prominent figure in the rap scene, recently stirred up controversy with his remarks regarding a missed opportunity for collaboration with Tyler, The Creator.

The rift between ScHoolboy Q and Tyler, The Creator stems from a track titled "Who Dat Boy," released by Tyler featuring A$AP Rocky in 2017. During a Q&A session with fans, ScHoolboy Q expressed his regret for not being included on the song, alleging that Tyler had misled him about sending the beat. This accusation contradicted previous statements made by Tyler, prompting a heated exchange between the two artists.
In response to ScHoolboy Q's claims, Tyler vehemently denied the accusations, asserting that he had initially created the beat specifically for ScHoolboy Q, only to be turned down. This public dispute between the two rappers shed light on a disagreement that had previously been kept under wraps.

Schoolboy Q Criticizes Tyler, The Creator & A$AP Rocky for Failed Collaborative Effort:

Despite the tension surrounding "Who Dat Boy," ScHoolboy Q and Tyler, The Creator have a history of collaboration and camaraderie within the hip-hop community. Tyler has contributed production and vocals to tracks on ScHoolboy Q's albums, while ScHoolboy Q has returned the favor by appearing on Tyler's projects. Their relationship, once characterized by mutual respect and friendship, now faces scrutiny due to this recent disagreement.

Beyond their musical collaborations, Tyler and ScHoolboy Q have also made appearances in each other's music videos, further highlighting their bond within the rap community. However, the fallout from the "Who Dat Boy" controversy has cast a shadow over their past collaborations and raised questions about the future of their relationship.

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