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4Batz Unveils First EP 'U Made Me a St4r' Following OVO Sound Signing

4Batz Unveils Debut EP 'U Made Me A St4r' Following OVO Sound Signing
Emerging from the vibrant streets of Dallas, rising artist 4Batz sets the stage for his highly-anticipated debut EP titled 'U Made Me A St4r,' marking a significant milestone in his burgeoning career. The announcement comes hot on the heels of his recent signing with Drake's illustrious OVO Sound label, solidifying his position as one of the industry's most promising talents.
The news was shared with fans through an electrifying performance on the viral series "From the Block Performance," presented by YouTube channel 4 Shooters Only. Accompanied by his crew, 4Batz captivates viewers with a rendition of his latest single "act iii: on god (she like)." Just before the performance kicks off, an enticing message flashes on the screen, unveiling details about his forthcoming EP: "U Made Me A St4r [asterisk] 4.5.24," hinting at its release date set for April 5.

4Batz Announces Release of Debut EP 'U Made Me a St4r' Under Drake's OVO Sound:

4Batz's meteoric rise to prominence can be credited to his breakout hit "act ii: date @ 8," which swiftly climbed the ranks to grace the prestigious Billboard Hot 100 chart. Garnering nearly 100 million streams on Spotify alone, the track has cemented his status as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

Adding fuel to his skyrocketing career trajectory, 4Batz received a significant boost when rap icon Drake jumped on the remix of "act ii: date @ 8." This collaboration further underscored 4Batz's burgeoning appeal and paved the way for his association with Drake's exclusive label, OVO Sound.

The connection between Drake and 4Batz extends beyond the studio, as the two artists were recently spotted bonding at one of Drake's electrifying performances during his It’s All a Blur — Big as the What Tour? Their camaraderie on and off the stage hints at a promising partnership and collaborative potential.

Notably, 4Batz has also garnered admiration from another heavyweight in the rap game: Kanye West. In a recent interview, the Chicago native lauded 4Batz as his favorite new artist, further solidifying his standing as a rising star to watch.

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