Boosie Believes Kodak Black's Career Slid Downhill Post 6ix9ine Collaboration: "He regret what he did with Tekashi"

Boosie Claims Kodak Black's Career Gone Downhill After 6ix9ine Collaboration

Boosie BadAzz Comments on Kodak Black's Career Post-6ix9ine Collaboration
In a recent installment of his ongoing interview with VladTV, Boosie BadAzz shared his thoughts on the trajectory of Kodak Black's career following his collaboration with controversial rapper 6ix9ine.

During the interview segment released on Monday (March 25), Boosie responded to Vlad's inquiry about Kodak dissing him in the song "11AM in Malibu" last month. Reflecting on the back-and-forth exchanges between himself and Kodak, Boosie suggested that his remarks about Kodak's collaboration with 6ix9ine seemed to have a significant impact on the South Florida rapper's career.
What I said really affected him. He not letting it go. What I said about [the 6ix9ine collab], it seem like since then, he been downhill. I think he regret what he did with Tekashi.

- Boosie Badazz

Boosie Argues Kodak Black's Career Took a Hit After Collaborating with 6ix9ine:

Kodak Black and 6ix9ine joined forces on the track "Shaka Laka" last summer, shortly after 6ix9ine faced an altercation at a Florida gym. Boosie publicly criticized Kodak for his collaboration with 6ix9ine, sparking a feud between the two rappers both online and in their music.
The fallout from the controversy surrounding Kodak's collaboration with 6ix9ine has been palpable, with fans and industry insiders closely monitoring the impact on Kodak's career. Boosie's comments shed light on the ongoing tensions within the rap community and the repercussions of affiliating with polarizing figures like 6ix9ine.

As the debate continues to unfold, it remains to be seen how Kodak Black will navigate the aftermath of his collaboration with 6ix9ine and whether he can overcome the perceived setback in his career. With the rap industry constantly evolving, artists must carefully consider their associations and the potential implications for their artistic credibility and commercial success.

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