Cassidy Denies Ghostwriting Benzino’s Eminem Diss Tracks in New Song

Cassidy Clears the Air Regarding Rumors of Ghostwriting Benzino's Eminem Diss Tracks

Cassidy Denies Ghostwriting Benzino's Eminem Diss Tracks, Asserts Creative Independence in New Song Snippet
Philadelphia rap veteran Cassidy has stepped forward to address rumors circulating online regarding his involvement in ghostwriting Benzino's diss tracks aimed at Eminem. In a snippet of a new song shared on Instagram, Cassidy unequivocally refutes the claims, asserting:
I ain’t ghostwrite Benzino diss, that’s bogus, before bragging: “In the past I ghostwrote for the writer that ghostwrote it.

- Cassidy

The controversy erupted when speculation arose concerning the authorship of Benzino's tracks "Rap Elvis" and "Vulturius," which targeted Eminem. However, Cassidy's lyrical snippet dismisses any notion of his involvement in crafting the diss tracks for Benzino. He confidently asserts his own prowess.

Cassidy Speaks On Claims That He Ghostwrote Benzino's Eminem Diss Tracks:

Benzino, too, has vehemently denied allegations of utilizing a ghostwriter for his diss tracks aimed at Eminem. Addressing the issue during an Instagram Live session, Benzino expressed frustration, declaring, "I don’t wanna hear that ghostwriter shit. This is Hip Hop, bro. I don’t wanna hear that ghostwriter shit." He further emphasized his authenticity in the rap game, bluntly stating, "Shut the fuck up, bro. You mad because I’m spitting. I wrote that shit."

These denials from both Cassidy and Benzino come in response to online speculation fueled by similarities in their rhyme styles. Despite social media chatter suggesting Cassidy's involvement, both rappers have adamantly asserted their creative independence and authenticity.

Moreover, Benzino asserted his own lyrical prowess during the livestream, boasting that he "cooked" the real Slim Shady with his diss tracks. This assertion underscores the intensity of the feud between the two rappers and their determination to defend their artistic integrity.

In the world of hip-hop, where authenticity and credibility hold immense significance, allegations of ghostwriting can spark controversy and tarnish reputations. With Cassidy's emphatic denial and Benzino's unwavering defense of his craft, the rumors surrounding the ghostwriting of Benzino's Eminem diss tracks may finally be put to rest.

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