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DAX Honors Eminem on JAY-Z's "Blueprint 2" Remix, Teases "Till I Collapse" Remix as Next Project

DAX Remixes JAY-Z's "Blueprint 2" with Eminem Flair

Canadian rapper DAX, renowned for his reverence for Eminem, has unveiled his latest offering, a freestyle remix titled "Blueprint 2," originally by JAY-Z from his 2002 album bearing the same name.

"The Blueprint 2" holds significant historical relevance within hip-hop, emerging amidst a pivotal moment marked by the intense rivalry between JAY-Z and Nas, characterized by their diss tracks "Takeover" and "Ether" respectively. While "Takeover" was hailed as the victor within the Roc-A-Fella camp, "Ether" garnered attention for its confrontational nature.

Crafted by Charlemagne and featuring a sample from Ennio Morricone's "The Ecstasy of Gold," "Blueprint 2" served as JAY-Z's response to "Ether." It showcased a more emotive and potent performance, adding fuel to the ongoing feud between the two rap titans, a significant chapter in hip-hop's storied history.

In his remix, DAX pays homage to Eminem, seamlessly integrating the Detroit rapper's distinctive flow from "The Way I Am." With compelling lines like "I seeped in the madness, devised a plan to attack 'em, turned myself into a savage," DAX exhibits his lyrical prowess while channeling Eminem's signature style. Sharing a snippet of the video on social media, DAX expresses his enthusiasm for embodying Eminem's energy.

DAX Delivers Tribute to Eminem on Remix of JAY-Z's "Blueprint 2"

@thatsdax I payed homage to Eminem on my “Jay-Z” blueprint Remix…🤯🙏🏾🔥 u seen it?! How’d I do?! #eminem #jayz #rap ♬ original sound - Dax

DAX's reinterpretation of "Blueprint 2" not only underscores his prowess as a rapper but also underscores his appreciation for hip-hop legends like Eminem and JAY-Z. Blending his unique lyrical finesse with tributes to rap icons, DAX continues to carve his niche in hip-hop's ever-evolving landscape.

Through his homage to Eminem and his reimagining of JAY-Z's classic track, DAX reaffirms his commitment to the craft while paying homage to the influential artists who have shaped the genre. As he garners recognition within the hip-hop community, DAX's remix stands as a testament to his talent and passion for the art form.

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