DJ Akademiks Offers Meek Mill $1 Million Podcast Deal After Meek Mill Expresses Interest in Starting His Own Podcast on Black Media

Meek Mill Expresses Interest in Black Media Podcast; DJ Akademiks Offers $1M Deal

Meek Mill's Podcast Venture: A $1M Deal with DJ Akademiks
Meek Mill, the renowned Philadelphia rapper, is making waves again, but this time, it's not with his music. Recently, Meek expressed his interest in delving into the world of podcasting, aiming to share his perspectives and insights on various topics. In a tweet, Meek underscored his desire to be a part of black media, emphasizing his intention to amplify voices and shed light on critical issues affecting the community.
I want a podcast deal I have a a lot to say on many different levels! If you have a podcast business moving slow I can reverse that! From - meek mill - I’ve always been my own media and I wanna join the culture of black media!

- Meek Mill

Not long after Meek's announcement, DJ Akademiks, a prominent figure in the hip-hop community, stepped forward with an enticing offer. Akademiks proposed a staggering $1 million upfront deal for Meek to host his own podcast. The deal outlined terms for 52 episodes, with ownership of both video and audio content. Additionally, Akademiks offered a revenue-sharing model for ads brought in during the podcast episodes.
I'll offer you a Million dollars up front for you for 52 episodes. 1 a week. We own video and audio, with a option to renew for a second year. Also we buss down ads 50% on any ads we bring in (Prizepicks, Fashionova etc). You can own the podcast, but we share the IP as long as u in the deal.

- Akademiks

DJ Akademiks Offers Meek Mill $1M Podcast Deal After Black Media Interest:

Meek's response to the offer was met with enthusiasm, as he expressed his eagerness to venture into media and storytelling. He outlined his vision for the podcast, which he aptly named "Culture Currency." Through this platform, Meek aims to address societal issues, share personal narratives, and uplift black culture. His goal is to create a space where diverse voices can come together to engage in meaningful dialogue and spark positive change.

The potential collaboration between Meek Mill and DJ Akademiks signifies a significant shift in the landscape of hip-hop media. As two influential figures in the industry come together, there's immense potential to reach new audiences and drive impactful conversations. With Meek's passion for storytelling and Akademiks' expertise in media, the podcast promises to be a compelling platform for thought-provoking discussions and cultural commentary.

As fans eagerly await the debut of "Culture Currency," anticipation is high for the groundbreaking content that Meek Mill and DJ Akademiks will bring to the podcasting world. With their shared vision and dedication to empowering communities, this collaboration is poised to make a lasting impact in the realm of hip-hop media and beyond.

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