Meek Mill Reacts to Kanye West's Harsh Diss, Questions Kanye's State of Mind, Calls Him "Smart" But "Off A Lil"

Meek Mill Express His Opinion About Kanye West’s State of Mind

Meek Mill's Candid Thoughts on Kanye West: Rap Beef, Respect, and Misunderstandings
Meek Mill took to Twitter on Tuesday to share his perspective on Kanye West, reflecting on their past conflicts. Despite acknowledging West's intelligence, Meek expressed that he believes West is "off a lil." The discussion stemmed from their previous disagreements, particularly when Meek criticized West's "White Lives Matter" merchandise, which led to West dissing him on Drink Champs.

In his tweet, Meek admitted to purchasing numerous pairs of Yeezys and listening to West's music while he was incarcerated. He referred to West as a "super legend" but expressed confusion over why West targeted him initially. Meek emphasized that their exchanges have always been confined to the realm of rap beef and reassured followers that they know each other personally and would never let it escalate beyond that.

Random but: I think Yeezy smart but be off a lil but because I bought like 17 pair of Yeezys since we been trading rap shots … and I listened to your music to get me through my bid you a super legend I was more confused of why you was going so hard to go at me in the beginning …

- Meek Mill

Following Meek's tweets, some of his followers made jokes alluding to recent rumors about his involvement in a se*ual relationship with Diddy. This reference connects to Lil Rod's recent lawsuit against Diddy, where he vaguely implicated Meek in the allegations.
When you see us going at it it’s always rap beef we know each other personally and would never let it go to far! It’s a bloody sport gotta be rough wit it.

- Meek Mill

Meek Mill Reacts to Kanye West's Intense Diss, Expresses Concern:

The interaction between Meek Mill and Kanye West highlights the complex dynamics within the rap industry, where public disputes often occur between artists. Despite their differences, Meek's acknowledgment of West's intelligence suggests a level of respect for his fellow rapper's talents. However, Meek's observation that West is "off a lil" hints at underlying tensions or miscommunications between the two.

This social media exchange also underscores the prevalence of rumors and gossip within the hip-hop community, with followers quick to draw connections between Meek's tweets and recent controversies involving him and Diddy. While Meek's tweets aimed to clarify his stance on his relationship with West, they inadvertently reignited discussions about his personal life and past controversies.

Overall, Meek Mill's candid commentary on Kanye West offers a glimpse into the intricacies of rap industry dynamics, personal relationships, and the influence of social media in shaping public perception. As the conversation continues to unfold online, it reflects the ongoing evolution of rap culture and the complexities that come with navigating fame and public scrutiny.

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