Ye Disses Drake, Adidas, Hailey Bieber, the Daily Mail and others while Celebrating No. 1 Song

Kanye West Throws Shade at Drake and Adidas During No. 1 Song Celebration: "F*ck Drake for Taking Durk"

Kanye West Blasts adidas Over No. 1 Song Success: Accusations Fly in Latest Instagram Rant
Kanye West stirred up controversy once again as his latest single "Carnival" soared to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The achievement marked his fifth No. 1 single, making him the first rapper to achieve this feat across three different decades. However, instead of basking in the success, Kanye used the moment to vent his frustrations and take aim at several targets, including Drake, Adidas, and others associated with the sportswear giant.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, Kanye expressed gratitude to his collaborators and supporters while simultaneously unleashing a tirade against Adidas and anyone affiliated with the brand. He accused adidas of attempting to sabotage him and celebrated his triumph despite their efforts. Additionally, Kanye didn't hold back in his criticism of the fashion industry, calling out those who he felt had betrayed him, including Hailey Bieber and certain fashion houses.

Furthermore, Kanye took shots at Drake, expressing disdain for the rapper's decision to recruit Lil Durk, a collaborator on Kanye's "Vultures" project, for his tour. This move reignited tensions between the two artists, adding fuel to their longstanding feud.

Kanye West Takes Aim at Drake and adidas After "Carnival" Hits No. 1 on Billboard Hot 100:

In a follow-up video, Kanye continued his attack on Adidas, alleging that the company had stolen his ideas, dismantled his creative team, and engaged in unethical practices during their partnership. His grievances with Adidas date back to the termination of their Yeezy partnership following controversial remarks made by Kanye. Since then, both parties have been embroiled in legal battles over intellectual property rights.

Ye continues to call out Adidas on his Instagram:

The tumultuous relationship between Kanye and Drake has also been well-documented, with tensions escalating over the years due to personal and professional conflicts. Despite occasional attempts at reconciliation, such as their joint appearance at the Free Larry Hoover benefit concert, animosity between the two remains palpable.

As Kanye's outburst reverberates throughout the music and fashion industries, it underscores the complexities of his relationships with key players in both spheres. While his success on the charts may be undeniable, the controversies surrounding him continue to overshadow his achievements, leaving fans and critics alike wondering what the future holds for the enigmatic artist.

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