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Kanye West Calls Out Adidas and Kim Kardashian, Allegedly Leaks Yeezy 'Talking Points'; Reaches Out to Yeezy-Promoting Sneaker Blogs

Kanye West Leaks Adidas Memo Amid Yeezy Dispute, Calls Out Company for Alleged Exploitation
Ye, made waves once again as he took to social media to shed light on his ongoing legal battle with Adidas. On the night of February 29th, the artist shared what appeared to be an internal Adidas document on Instagram, revealing the company's stance on their dispute over the Yeezy brand.
The leaked memo outlined Adidas' position on the matter, advising employees to refrain from engaging in lengthy discussions about the conflict. It emphasized the company's ownership of the designs initiated in 2022 and discouraged extended conversations on the topic. 

Ye accompanied the post with a caption highlighting his frustrations with Adidas and other issues he's faced, including being ostracized for his political opinions and struggles with mental health.
There is an overlap [between] Adidas and Kim [Kardashian] ignoring my opinion on where my kids go to school, or people ignoring my name change, or the entire celebrity culture ostracizing me for my political opinion. It all comes down to human rights, which you sacrifice when you’re stigmatized with mental issues. All these situations are actually far crazier than what I’ve been branded to be.

- Ye

In addition to leaking the document, Ye also reached out directly to Adidas Originals and sneaker blogs via Instagram messages. He urged them not to promote the new "Steel Grey" 350 V2s while accusing the company of appropriating his ideas. 

Kanye West Exposes Adidas: Alleged Yeezy 'Talking Points' Document Surfaces Amid Sneaker Dispute

The rapper's grievances with Adidas resurfaced after the brand announced its decision to resume selling Yeezy products on February 26th. In a now-deleted Instagram video, Ye expressed frustration over alleged contract violations and unpaid royalties. He accused Adidas of releasing unauthorized colorways and withholding payments, claiming the company was exploiting him despite his contributions to the brand's success.

Despite Ye's public outcry, Adidas has remained silent on the matter, with no official statement addressing his allegations.

This latest episode adds another layer to Ye's tumultuous relationship with Adidas, highlighting the complexities of partnerships in the world of fashion and entertainment. As the situation unfolds, fans and industry observers eagerly await further developments and potential resolutions to the ongoing dispute.

In the ever-evolving landscape of hip-hop and fashion, Ye's bold actions and outspokenness continue to shape the narrative, sparking conversations and challenging the status quo within the industry.

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