Eminem predicted what would happen with Drake back in 2020 on a song titled "Zeus"

Eminem predicted Drake‘s future years ago

Drake vs. Kendrick Lamar: A Rap Feud Unfolds

In the latest turn of events in the rap world, Kendrick Lamar has taken a direct shot at his counterparts Drake and J. Cole on the track "Like That." This diss, featured on Future and Metro Boomin's collaborative album "We Don't Trust You," suggests that the era of the "big three" in hip-hop may be over, with Lamar asserting himself as the singular dominant force.

The song "Like That" features several other notable artists such as The Weeknd, Travis Scott, Playboi Carti, and Rick Ross. Notably, Future also takes aim at Drake in his verses, adding fuel to the fire of the ongoing feud. Following these events, several prominent figures in the industry, including Nav, Kanye West, Rick Ross, Future, and Metro Boomin, have unfollowed Drake on Instagram, indicating a shift in allegiances and alliances.
Interestingly, Eminem seemed to have predicted the challenges Drake is currently facing back in 2020. In his song "Zeus," included in the deluxe edition of his album "Music To Be Murdered By," Eminem raps about the inevitable backlash that comes with success in the music industry. He warns Drake that despite his achievements, there will come a time when critics and fans alike will turn on him, citing examples of other artists who faced similar fates.

Eminem's Prediction for Drake in 2020 Revealed in 'Zeus' Song

This prediction seems to be unfolding before our eyes, as Drake's surprise album "Honestly, Nevermind" received mixed reviews from fans and critics alike. While some praised Drake for experimenting with a new sound and deviating from his usual formula, others criticized the album's direction and overall quality. Drake himself addressed the backlash on social media, expressing confidence in his artistic vision and reassuring fans that he is already ahead of the curve.

In essence, the ongoing drama surrounding Drake and his rap peers underscores the volatile nature of the industry and the challenges that come with maintaining relevance in an ever-evolving landscape. As Eminem predicted, success in the music industry often comes with a price, and navigating the complexities of fame requires resilience and unwavering determination.

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