Ice Spice Recounts Taylor Swift's Unforgettable Music Advice: 'I'll Never Forget That'

Ice Spice on Taylor giving her songwriting advice:  'Just Keep Making Music'

Ice Spice Recounts Taylor Swift's Inspirational Studio Encounter
Ice Spice, in a recent interview with Billboard, shared a memorable encounter with Taylor Swift in the studio while collaborating on their track "Karma." Reflecting on Swift's words of wisdom, Spice recounted how the iconic singer advised her to persevere in her music journey, reassuring her that everything would fall into place as long as she continued to create music.

Ice Spice Receives Valuable Music Advice from Taylor Swift:

When I was in the studio with Taylor, like, I’ll never forget that. She told me, 'No matter what, just keep making music and everything’s going to be fine.

- Ice Spice

The collaboration between Spice and Swift on "Karma" occurred in May 2023 and has since led to significant milestones, including performances at MetLife Stadium and attending Super Bowl LVIII together. Spice's recollection of Swift's encouragement highlights the supportive nature of the music industry and the importance of mentorship among artists.

Beyond her collaboration with Swift, Spice also discussed her debut studio album, Y2K, shedding light on her creative process and what she looks for in crafting her music. Emphasizing the significance of a captivating beat, Spice revealed her instinctual approach to selecting tracks for her album. She emphasized the need for beats that evoke a visceral response, propelling her to move forward with the production process.

In a candid moment, Spice confessed her initial surprises regarding the reception of her songs, particularly "Boy's a Liar, Pt. 2" and "Actin a Smoochie." While she had anticipated the success of "Actin a Smoochie," she found herself pleasantly surprised by the unexpected popularity of "Boy's a Liar, Pt. 2," which achieved triple-platinum status. 

Spice's reflections underscore the unpredictable nature of the music industry and the unpredictable trajectories of individual songs.

Overall, Ice Spice's interview offers insight into her creative journey, from receiving valuable advice from Taylor Swift to navigating the intricacies of song selection and chart success. As she continues to carve her path in the music industry, Spice's dedication to her craft and willingness to embrace unexpected outcomes serve as testaments to her resilience and artistry.

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