Joe Budden Applauds Kendrick Lamar's Diss Aimed at Drake & J. Cole on Future & Metro Boomin's "WE DON'T TRUST YOU"

Joe Budden Reacts to Kendrick Lamar's Drake & J. Cole Diss on Future & Metro Boomin's "WE DON'T TRUST YOU"

Kendrick Lamar's "Like That" Diss Sparks Joe Budden's Excitement on Podcast
Kendrick Lamar's recent appearance on Future and Metro Boomin's "Like That" from their album WE DON'T TRUST YOU has caused a stir in hip-hop. With its perceived diss towards Drake and J. Cole, the debate over rap supremacy has intensified. However, The Joe Budden Podcast is embracing the resurgence of competition in the genre.

In their latest episode, the hosts delve into the significance of Kendrick's verse, dissecting its implications and exploring the dynamics of hip-hop relationships. Joe Budden highlights the end of what he calls the "fake" nature of these relationships, citing Kendrick's commentary on Drake and Cole's partnership. 

The podcasters also discuss Travis Scott's endorsement of "Like That" at Rolling Loud L.A., despite his ties to Drake, as evidence of the gloves coming off in the industry.

Watch: The Joe Budden Podcast Discusses "Like That" & Compares It To "First Person Shooter"

Certainly, the podcast doesn't hold back in scrutinizing Kendrick's lyrical punches, contrasting them with Drake and Cole's verses on "First Person Shooter." This analysis uncovers potential triggers for Kendrick's bold assertions and anticipates responses from both Drake and Cole. Notably, Joe Budden, who previously ranked Cole higher than Kendrick and Drake, now eagerly welcomes the challenge to that hierarchy, finding satisfaction in Kendrick's audacious move.

The discussion on The Joe Budden Podcast mirrors the broader conversation within the hip-hop community, where fans eagerly await the next moves from rap's heavyweights. With tensions rising and alliances shifting, the stage is set for an exhilarating showdown among these titans of the genre.

In essence, Kendrick Lamar's provocative verse has reignited the competitive flame in hip-hop, prompting spirited discussions and speculation about the genre's future direction. As the dust settles, one thing is certain: the rap world is buzzing with anticipation for what comes next in this captivating saga of lyrical warfare.

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