Ye Trolls Sheck Wes After Rapper Claims He Robbed His Flow, Cadence, Beat, and Tempo on 'Carnival'

Kanye West Fires Back at Sheck Wes' Allegations Regarding "Carnival" Theft Accusation

Kanye West Faces Backlash as Sheck Wes Accuses Him of Style Theft
Kanye West has found himself embroiled in controversy once again, this time with accusations coming from none other than his own signee, Sheck Wes. The G.O.O.D. Music artist took to Instagram to air his grievances against Kanye, alleging that the rap mogul had stolen his style for a number one hit.

In a now-deleted comment on Kanye's post boasting about "washing" Kendrick Lamar and Drake, Sheck Wes didn't hold back. He accused Kanye of lifting his "whole cadence, flow, beat, tempo" to achieve chart-topping success. While the comment was eventually removed, Kanye ensured it was immortalized by sharing it on his Instagram Stories alongside Sheck Wes' breakout track "Mo Bamba."

Kanye West Responds to Sheck Wes' Accusation of Theft in a Surprising Manner:

The feud between the two artists is particularly intriguing given Sheck Wes' affiliation with Kanye's G.O.O.D. Music label since 2018. Despite this connection, Sheck Wes didn't hesitate to call out his label boss publicly, suggesting that Kanye hadn't consulted him or acknowledged his influence.

Sheck Wes, who also co-signs with Travis Scott's Cactus Jack label, rose to prominence with his viral hit "Mo Bamba" back in 2018. However, he has struggled to replicate the same level of success since then, with his solo output dwindling in recent years. Despite this, he has made guest appearances on tracks like Travis Scott's "FE!N" and the Lyrical Lemonade compilation "All Is Yellow."

Kanye, on the other hand, has been making waves with his bold claims of being the greatest of all time. His recent Instagram post exuded confidence as he listed his achievements and asserted his dominance in the rap game.

The public spat between Kanye and Sheck Wes adds another layer of drama to the hip-hop landscape, with fans eagerly awaiting further developments. Whether this feud will escalate or be resolved behind closed doors remains to be seen, but it's clear that tensions are running high in the world of rap.

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