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NLE Choppa Shows Off New Face Tattoo Featuring Chrisean Rock, Mother of Blueface's Youngest Child

NLE Choppa's Cheek Tattoo Sparks Controversy in Hip-Hop Community
NLE Choppa is once again making waves in the hip-hop community, this time for a bold move that has left fans buzzing. The young rapper recently took to Instagram to share a photo of what appears to be a new tattoo on his cheek, a striking depiction of Chrisean Rock, the ex-girlfriend of fellow rapper Blueface.

In the caption accompanying the photo, Choppa made a cryptic reference to Rock, writing, “Just Cause You Was In My Video [kiss emojis] @chrisean.” This alludes to Rock's appearance in Choppa's latest music video for the remix of "Shotta Flow 7," where she makes a cameo alongside Lil Mabu, who has his own history with the reality star.

NLE Choppa Unveils Face Tattoo as Tribute to Chrisean Rock:

The decision to tattoo Rock's likeness on his face has raised eyebrows and sparked speculation among fans. While some are impressed by Choppa's bold statement, others question the wisdom of permanently marking his skin with the image of Blueface's ex.

This move comes amidst ongoing tensions between Choppa, Blueface, and others in the hip-hop community. Choppa's feud with Blueface reportedly began when the latter allegedly made advances towards Choppa's baby's mother, Marissa Da’Nae. Similarly, Lil Mabu's conflict with Blueface arose from his involvement with Rock.

In a December Instagram Live session, Da’Nae publicly addressed the drama, revealing that Blueface became upset when she mentioned her friendship with Rock. Choppa swiftly came to her defense, condemning Blueface for his treatment of women.

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