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Adin Ross Raises Concerns About Potential Cancelation of Second Playboi Carti Stream

Playboi Carti Fails to Deliver Promised Livestream, Adin Ross Disappointed
In an unexpected twist, Playboi Carti appears to have backed out of a promised second livestream, leaving fans disappointed. Adin Ross, who had built up anticipation for the event, seems to have reluctantly accepted the outcome.

During a recent livestream, Kick streamer, Adin Ross shared his thoughts on the situation, expressing his belief that the anticipated Carti 2 stream is unlikely to materialize. He speculated that Carti may have been stringing him along to avoid negative publicity, ultimately leaving him feeling deceived.

I don't think Carti 2 is happening anymore. I have a theory that Carti was just texting me to kind of keep me from speaking negatively about him online. I think I got played.

- Adin Ross

Adin Ross Thinks That Playboi Carti Stream Maybe Won't Happen:

Ross went on to explain his frustration with the situation, highlighting how Carti abruptly stopped responding to his messages. He hinted at potentially releasing footage from the first stream's aftermath, feeling justified in doing so given his sense of being scammed.

While Ross has faced other confrontations with rappers in the past, this situation stands out as particularly disappointing. Despite attempts to engage with Carti, Ross found himself ignored, raising questions about the rapper's intentions and integrity.

Meanwhile, Ross has also found himself embroiled in another contentious exchange, this time with YBN Nahmir. The rapper challenged Ross to a boxing match, dismissing him as irrelevant. While Ross initially brushed off the challenge, it has sparked debate and further attention.

Overall, the saga surrounding the failed Carti 2 livestream underscores the complexities of navigating relationships in the hip-hop industry. Despite his disappointment, Ross remains determined to move forward and continue engaging with artists and fans alike.

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