Adin Ross Gets Calls From 21 Savage, Kai Cenat, and Soulja Boy After Reportedly Paying $2 Million To Playboi Carti For a 6-Minute Livestream

Playboi Carti's 6-Minute Livestream on Adin Ross' Kick Stream Causes Stir After Receiving $2 Million Cash Payment

Playboi Carti's Controversial $2 Million Livestream: 21 Savage, Kai Cenat, and Soulja Boy React
Playboi Carti's short appearance on Adin Ross' livestream left fans dissatisfied, prompting speculation about the $2 million payment and his motives. The Atlanta rapper, arriving late and masked, spent merely six minutes on the stream, leaving both viewers and fellow rapper 21 Savage puzzled.

Adin Ross, the streamer, admitted he didn't pay the full $2 million to Carti and expressed his disappointment in the rapper's short-lived interaction. 21 Savage, during a call, criticized the situation, questioning the substantial payment for a mere six minutes and expressing his intent to discuss it further when they meet.

Kai Cenat, another streamer, seized the opportunity to call Adin Ross after the Playboi Carti incident. Additionally, Soulja Boy reached out to Ross after hearing about the rapper's brief appearance, showing concern for the situation.

Adin Ross Receives Calls from 21 Savage, Kai Cenat, and Soulja Boy Following Playboi Carti's Six-Minute Appearance:

Watch Adin Ross Pay Playboi Carti $2Million to Appear On His Stream, Then He Only Stayed 6 Min:

The fallout prompted Ross to apologize to Carti's fans and the owner of Kick, Edward Crarven, for the livestream's disappointment. Ross revealed efforts to make the interview successful, including a planned $2 million payment and a Ferrari gift, which ultimately fell short due to Carti's abrupt exit.

Despite arranging a jet for Carti's departure and considering additional compensation for the interview, Ross expressed his regret and emphasized his sincere efforts. The incident highlighted the challenges and uncertainties associated with high-profile livestream collaborations in the hip-hop world.

The reactions from rapper 21 Savage, Kai Cenat, and Soulja Boy, underscored the impact of the incident on the hip-hop community and raised questions about the expectations and accountability in such collaborations. The aftermath of Carti's brief livestream continues to reverberate in discussions about artist compensation and the dynamics of online interactions in the music industry.

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