50 Cent Says Drake “Smoked” Everyone On New Diss Track "Push Ups": 'Got smoked by a light skinned Ni**a'

50 Cent Weighs In, Said Everyone Mentioned on Drake's Diss Track Got Washed

50 Cent Reacts to Alleged Drake Diss Track: "Light Skinned Ni66a Got Smoked"
50 Cent was quick to respond to the leaked Drake diss track that surfaced recently, adding his signature flair to the ongoing hip-hop drama.

In his social media post, 50 Cent didn't mince words, humorously calling out those targeted in the alleged diss. His caption read: "All you 🥷🏾’s got smoked by a light skinned Ni66a," pointing to Drake's lyrical prowess. With a touch of wit, he urged his peers to step up their game, saying, "😳🤭LOL YALL BETTER GET HIGH AS A MOTHER FVCKER AND COME UP WITH SOMETHING!"

50 Cent Shares His Thoughts on Drake's Alleged Diss Track:

The leaked diss track, supposedly from Drake, took aim at heavyweights like Kendrick Lamar, Metro Boomin, Future, The Weeknd, and Rick Ross. Despite the speculation surrounding its authenticity, the song stirred heated debates among fans, who dissected every line for clues.

While the track's origin remains unconfirmed by Drake or his team, its impact on social media was undeniable. Fans were divided over whether the song was a genuine response or possibly an AI-generated creation. Regardless, it ignited excitement and anticipation within the hip-hop community.

Drake's lyrical jabs weren't limited to Kendrick Lamar and Metro Boomin. He also directed his fire towards other prominent figures in the industry, including Future, The Weeknd, and Rick Ross. With each name dropped, the diss track intensified the ongoing feud and fueled speculation about potential retaliation.

In the ever-evolving landscape of rap beefs and lyrical showdowns, 50 Cent's candid reaction added another layer of intrigue. His playful yet incisive commentary captured the essence of the moment, resonating with fans and sparking further discussion across social media platforms.

As the dust settles and the hip-hop community awaits further developments, one thing remains clear: Drake's alleged diss track has set the stage for a compelling chapter in the ongoing saga of rap rivalries and musical clashes.

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