Adam22 Calls Out Joe Budden, Declares No Jumper, VladTV, and Akademiks as the "Big 3" of Hip-Hop Media; Akademiks Approves

Adam22 Said The big 3 of hip hop media platforms on YouTube are Akademiks, Vlad, and No Jumper

Adam22 Calls Out Joe Budden, Declares No Jumper, VladTV, and Akademiks as Hip-Hop Media Titans
Adam22 recently expressed his frustration with Joe Budden, asserting that No Jumper, VladTV, and DJ Akademiks reign supreme in the realm of hip-hop media. In a video posted on No Jumper's social media platforms, Adam compared the viewership statistics of his channels to those of Budden.

Addressing remarks allegedly made by Budden about No Jumper's status, Adam presented a compelling case. He pointed out that while Budden's channel garnered 12 million views in the past month, No Jumper's main and clips channels combined accumulated a staggering 26 to 27 million views during the same period. 
Adam highlighted their substantial presence across various social media platforms, including Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram, boasting a massive following of 3 million on the latter.
Joe Budden’s channel has gotten 12 million views in the past month. No Jumper’s main channel plus our clips channel has done about 26 or 27 million views for the past month. So, we are two times, by far, what you have going on. And on top of that, we kill it on Facebook. We kill it on Snapchat. We have 3 million followers on Instagram and we make a huge amount of money on there.

- Adam22

In no uncertain terms, Adam dismissed Budden's influence, characterizing his operation as nothing more than a "chop shop." 

He challenged the perception that Budden holds sway in the hip-hop media landscape, asserting that the true power players are himself, Vlad, and another individual derogatorily referred to as "that fat motherf*cker" – presumably a reference to Akademiks.
Joe Budden, I don’t wanna hear sh*t. You’re running a chop shop. You might have the whole hip-hop media gassed into thinking that you’re really killing it like that but trust me, when you wanna talk about who's really doing business out here, it’s not you. There’s a big three and you’re not in it. It's me, Vlad, and that fat motherf*cker you were sitting with.

- Adam22

Adam22 Went Off On Joe Budden, Claims No Jumper, VladTV, & DJ Akademiks The “Big 3”

While Adam's assertions stirred debate among fans, with some contesting No Jumper's direction, others echoed Adam's sentiments, acknowledging the trio's impact.

Interestingly, Akademiks aligned himself with Adam22's perspective, endorsing the notion that he, along with No Jumper and VladTV, constitute the forefront of hip-hop media. Akademiks downplayed Budden's significance, attributing his influence solely to his acclaimed podcast without broader cultural ramifications.

Akademiks agreed with Adam22: they, NoJumper, and VladTV are top hip-hop media platforms

Adam22's candid remarks underscore the evolving landscape of hip-hop media, where established figures vie for dominance amid shifting consumer preferences. 

While dissenting voices challenge Adam's narrative, his assertion finds support from Akademiks, signaling a unified front among key players in the industry. As the debate continues, one thing remains clear – the dynamics of hip-hop media are as fluid and contentious as ever.

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