Joe Budden Expresses Disappointment Over Rick Ross Unfollowing Drake on Instagram: "This hurts"

Joe Budden Condemns Rick Ross' Action of Unfollowing Drake on Instagram

Joe Budden Expresses Disappointment Over Drake and Rick Ross Rift on Social Media
Joe Budden recently shared his disappointment regarding the apparent rift between Drake and Rick Ross, ignited by Ross unfollowing Drake on Instagram. The two rappers have had a longstanding friendship and collaborative history, making this development surprising to many in the hip-hop community.

Speaking on his podcast, Budden expressed his frustration, particularly emphasizing the impact of Ross' decision on their collaborative potential. He highlighted the significance of their past collaborations, such as the iconic track "Aston Martin Music," and lamented the potential loss of future joint projects.
What I will say I’m angry at — because I don’t have a dog in the [fight] — but that Rick Ross unfollow hurt my soul and spirit. That one hurt. I wasn’t the biggest fan of What A Time to Be Alive so who cares if Drake and Future never record again in my book. If Rick Ross and Drake are not rapping together any more, this hurts. This is impactful. No more ‘[Aston Martin] Music’?

- Joe Budden

Joe Budden Reacts Angrily to Rick Ross Unfollowing Drake on Instagram

The reasons behind Ross' decision to unfollow Drake remain unclear, but speculation among fans has linked it to the release of Future and Metro Boomin's album "We Don’t Trust You." The album includes a guest verse from Ross, featuring lyrics that seemingly take aim at Drake. Additionally, Metro Boomin's tweet urging people to "pick a side" following the album's release added fuel to the speculation.
The situation escalated further when Ross' ex-girlfriend, Cristina Mackey, was spotted at a Drake concert, receiving VIP treatment. This move was interpreted by many as a personal jab at Ross, given the recent end of their relationship. In response, Ross was seen listening to Kendrick Lamar's diss verse aimed at Drake on the track "Like That," indicating potential tension between the two artists.

The fallout between Drake and Ross is unexpected, considering their history of camaraderie, even during Drake's feud with Meek Mill, who is signed to Ross' Maybach Music Group label. Despite the rumors and speculation circulating within the hip-hop community, neither Drake nor Ross has addressed the situation directly.

The rift between Drake and Rick Ross marks a significant shift in the landscape of hip-hop collaborations, leaving fans curious about the future of their relationship and potential joint projects. As the story continues to unfold, observers eagerly await further developments and clarity regarding the reasons behind their apparent falling out.

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