Akademiks Sends Drake J. Cole's Apology to Kendrick, Drake's Alleged Response Causes Stir: "You must not know me"

Akademiks Stirs Up Drama by Sharing J. Cole's Apology Video with Drake: “Please don’t do no sh*t like this”

DJ Akademiks Shares J. Cole's Apology Video with Drake, Urges Him Not to Follow Suit
Drake finds himself in the middle of a brewing feud involving two heavyweight rap contenders: J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar. While Kendrick has fired shots at Drake through his verse in "Like That," Cole stepped up with a diss track on his surprise album, "Might Delete Later," titled "7 Minute Drill." This move caught everyone off guard, especially considering Cole's usual demeanor.

However, during a recent performance at Dreamville Fest, Cole surprised fans again by publicly apologizing for his diss towards Kendrick. This unexpected turn of events left many fans scratching their heads and wondering about Cole's motives.
Unsurprisingly, the rap community had mixed reactions to Cole's apology. Some saw it as a sign of weakness, going against the unwritten rules of rap beefs, where apologies are rare. Others viewed it as an opportunity missed for Cole to assert his dominance and challenge Kendrick to prove himself on the mic.

DJ Akademiks didn't hold back his thoughts on Cole's apology. He vented his disappointment on Twitter and even shared Cole's apology video with Drake. Akademiks urged Drake not to apologize, implying doubts about Drake's integrity.

Akademiks Sparks Controversy by Sharing J. Cole's Apology Video with Drake; Drake Reacts

Drake, however, wasn't having any of it. According to reports, he was offended by Akademiks' insinuation, responding with a curt, "I can't believe you would say some sh*t like that to me, you must not know me." This swift and assertive response from Drake suggests that he has no intentions of backing down or apologizing, despite the pressure from Akademiks and others.

As tensions continue to simmer between Cole, Kendrick, and Drake, fans eagerly await Drake's next move. Will he retaliate with a diss track of his own, or will he take the high road and focus on his music? Whatever the case may be, one thing is for sure: Drake isn't one to be underestimated, and his response is bound to make waves in the rap world.

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