J. Cole Apologizes For Dissing Kendrick Lamar

J. Cole Says Dissing Kendrick Lamar in "7 Minute Drill" Is the "Lamest" and "Goofiest" Thing He's Ever Done

J. Cole's Public Apology to Kendrick Lamar for "7 Minute Drill" Diss Track Sparks Conversation at Dreamville Festival.
During his set at the Dreamville Festival, J. Cole opened up about his recent diss track "7 Minute Drill" aimed at Kendrick Lamar, expressing deep regret and offering a public apology.

Addressing the audience, Cole admitted to feeling proud of his latest project, "Might Delete Later," which received widespread acclaim upon its release. 

However, he admitted to holding regret over one particular aspect of the project, the diss aimed at Kendrick Lamar.

Cole candidly shared his inner turmoil, describing the diss as "the lamest shit" he had ever done. He reflected on the pressure he felt to respond after Kendrick's impactful "Like That" warning shot. Despite initially feeling conflicted, Cole ultimately released the diss track as a response.
I been happy, I've been moving on my own accord... now why am I saying all of that? I put out this project on Friday called, Might Delete Later... I don't know how many people checked it out or whatever (a projected 140-160K). And, I swear to God... I'm so proud of that project. Because, I know, one, it's just an EP that leads me to this thing that I've been working on for a long time and I know the work it took to get to a certain type of skill level... that shit mean a lot to me... I'm so proud of that project, except for one part.

- J. Cole

He continued:
It's one part on that shit that make me feel like, 'Man, that's the lamest shit I ever did. in my fucking life' right? And, I know, this is not what a lot of people want to hear... I can hear my n***as up there right now like... 'Nahhh, don't do that.' But, I gotta keep it 100 with y'all. I damn near had a relapse, right? Because, y'all heard some shit that happened two-three weeks ago, however long it was... Y'all heard that bazooka that was dropped on the motherfucking game.

- J. Cole

J. Cole Expresses Regrets Dissing Kendrick Lamar: Calls It the "Lamest" and "Goofiest" Move

The rapper revealed the internal struggle he faced in the aftermath of the diss track's release. 

He recounted feeling tested and conflicted, torn between his own beliefs and the external pressure to engage in a public feud. Cole acknowledged the flood of messages and calls he received, signaling the intensification of tensions in the hip-hop community.

Directly addressing Kendrick Lamar, Cole publicly apologized for his actions, labeling the diss as a "misstep" and expressing remorse for any hurt feelings it may have caused. He emphasized his respect and admiration for Kendrick, reaffirming his commitment to authenticity and personal growth.

In a moment of vulnerability, Cole admitted to feeling off-course and expressed a heartfelt plea for forgiveness from both Kendrick and his fans. He acknowledged the toll the situation had taken on him emotionally, expressing a desire to return to his true purpose and path in the music industry.

As Cole concluded his remarks, he extended a message of love and unity, emphasizing the importance of forgiveness and reconciliation within the hip-hop community. With his heartfelt apology, J. Cole demonstrated a commitment to growth and authenticity, setting an example for artists facing similar challenges in the industry.

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