Benzino Claims He's Ready to Take on Eminem and Joe Budden, Vows to "Demolish" and "Break" Them

Benzino Details His Game Plan for 'Demolish' Eminem & 'Break Joe Budden's Jaw' in a Boxing Match

Benzino Challenges Eminem and Joe Budden to Boxing Matches in Explosive Instagram Live Session
Benzino, former CEO and co-owner of The Source Magazine, has sparked controversy with bold statements about his boxing skills, targeting none other than Eminem and Joe Budden.

During an Instagram Live session, Benzino challenged both Eminem and Joe Budden to step into the boxing ring with him. He proposed a scenario where he would fight Eminem, following 50 Cent's rumored match-up with Stevie J.

In his impassioned plea, Benzino envisioned this showdown as the "biggest pay-per-view celebrity boxing match in the history of the world." He even suggested placing the bout on the undercard of a Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson event, emphasizing his eagerness to make it happen.
50 [Cent] will fight Stevie J then I’ll fight Eminem. And then it would be the biggest pay-per-view celebrity boxing match in the history of the world.

- Benzino

Benzino didn't stop there. He laid out his strategy for victory, predicting a quick knockout against Eminem. He confidently asserted:
I would demolish him. I would beat the shit out of Eminem in a boxing match. There’s no question about it … I would love to fight Joe Budden. I’ll fight Joe Budden for free. I’ll do that for charity. I’ll break Joe Budden’s jaw for charity.

- Benzino

Benzino Talks Tough, Threatens to "Demolish" Eminem and "Break Joe Budden's Jaw"

But his ambitions didn't end with Eminem. Benzino expressed a desire to also face off against Joe Budden, offering to do so for charity. He declared, "I'll break Joe Budden's jaw for charity."

In addition to discussing potential opponents, Benzino suggested various match-ups for his hypothetical boxing card, including Stevie J vs. 50 Cent and a showdown between Shady/ G-Unit and the "good guys," with mentions of Tony Yayo, Peter Gunz, and Sisqo.

These bold statements from Benzino have stirred up considerable buzz within the hip-hop community, with fans and pundits alike debating the feasibility and potential outcomes of such matches.

While Benzino's boxing aspirations may seem far-fetched to some, his confidence and determination have certainly captured the attention of many. Whether these bouts ever come to fruition remains to be seen, but Benzino's willingness to step into the ring against heavyweight opponents like Eminem and Joe Budden has undeniably added an intriguing subplot to the world of hip-hop.

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