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Joe Budden Backs Eminem in Beef with Benzino: Unexpected Support in Hip-Hop Feud

Joe Budden Supports Eminem in Beef with Benzino: Podcast Revelations
In a surprising turn of events, Joe Budden has emerged as an unexpected ally to Eminem in his ongoing feud with Benzino, the former co-owner of The Source magazine.

Addressing the revived animosity between the two longtime adversaries on his eponymous podcast, Budden, previously associated with Eminem's Shady Records as part of Slaughterhouse, made his stance unequivocally clear: he's firmly on Eminem's side.

Budden's commentary, laced with his signature wit and candor, highlighted Eminem's lyrical prowess and penchant for clever wordplay. 

Eminem rhymed animal control with Sandra Bullock’s nose. Em loves rapping so much yo. Nobody else is gonna rhyme Sandra Bullock’s nose with animal control. I like it.

- Joe Budden

Remarked Budden, acknowledging Eminem's unique approach to lyricism. Delving deeper into his support for Eminem, Budden didn't hold back in his criticism of Benzino. He derided Benzino's behavior, particularly his ostentatious displays and perceived attempts to cling onto youthfulness.
Maybe punching down is back. I’m with anybody dissing Benzino. Y’all see that ni–a coming out the pool on some bodybuilder s–t with the water glistening off his body trying to be like a seal or some s–t? Old ni–as shouldn’t do that.

- Joe Budden

Budden didn't shy away from addressing controversial rumors surrounding Benzino, alleging his involvement with a transgender individual.
And I know he tried to bang that transgender. I don’t care what that n-gga say. I know he did! It’s been there!

- Joe Budden

Joe Budden Applauds Eminem's Benzino Diss Track:

Ultimately, Budden's unexpected alignment with Eminem against Benzino underscores the complexity of rap feuds and alliances within the hip-hop community. While Budden admitted to never having had personal issues with Benzino, he criticized Benzino's behavior, suggesting it reflects poorly on individuals of his age.

In the ever-evolving landscape of rap beefs and rivalries, Budden's support for Eminem adds another layer of intrigue to an ongoing saga, demonstrating the intricacies of loyalty and allegiance in the world of hip-hop.

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