Birdman Affirms Ownership of His Entire Music Collection: "We owned all our own music"

Birdman Affirms Full Ownership of His Music Catalog

Birdman Reveals Ownership of Entire Music Catalog
In a candid conversation on the Wilde Ride! podcast hosted by Jackass star Steve-O, Birdman, the co-founder of Cash Money Records, revealed his ownership of "100 percent" of his music catalog.

Reflecting on his journey in the music industry, Birdman shared insights into his business approach, emphasizing his commitment to retaining ownership of his work. 

He highlighted his early days and the pivotal moment when he negotiated a distribution deal with Universal Records in 1998. Despite his initial lack of understanding about publishing and masters, Birdman made it clear that he refused to relinquish control to labels.
I never allowed none of the labels to own anything.

- Birdman

Birdman Claims Exclusive Ownership of All His Music Releases:

Birdman asserted during the interview, underscoring his firm stance on ownership. He expressed gratitude towards Universal Records for respecting his autonomy and not attempting to claim ownership of his music.
Birdman's determination to maintain control stemmed from his personal experiences and the losses he endured in his life. He explained how his upbringing and the challenges he faced shaped his perspective on ownership and control. 

With a deep sense of responsibility towards himself and the artists under his wing, Birdman prioritized ownership as a means of safeguarding against exploitation.

Throughout the interview, Birdman emphasized the importance of learning from mistakes and empowering the next generation of artists to prioritize ownership and autonomy. He shared his vision of leaving a legacy that serves as a blueprint for aspiring artists to follow, emphasizing the need to protect creative rights and financial independence.

Birdman's revelation about owning "100 percent" of his music catalog underscores his dedication to autonomy and control in the music industry. His story serves as inspiration for artists to prioritize ownership and assert control over their creative endeavors.

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