Coi Leray Claims Republic Records Pressured Her To Make Pop Music: 'They Wanted Taylor Swift'

Coi Leray Claims Former Label Pressure to Create Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande Pop Tracks

Coi Leray Exposes Former Label's Pressure to Conform to Pop Music Standards
Coi Leray, the rising rap sensation, recently opened up about her departure from Republic Records, shedding light on the label's attempts to mold her into a pop artist akin to Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande.

During a candid livestream, Leray disclosed her experiences with Republic Records, highlighting their inclination towards pop-oriented tracks. 

Despite her versatility and ability to navigate various styles, including singing and rapping, Leray felt restricted by the label's vision.
I’m not on Republic Records no more, I’m on Island [Records]. When I dropped Blue Moon, Republic — they wanted pop shit. They wanted some Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande shit, which I can do, but I still like to work on my own pace and my own time, and I’m still, like, developing and learning and my own sound and shit …

- Coi Leray

Reflecting on her album Blue Moon, Leray expressed frustration over Republic's reluctance to invest in the project. 

This lack of support led Leray to finance her music independently, a decision she deemed necessary to maintain creative control.
The Blue Moon sh*t they didn’t like. I wouldn’t say that they didn’t like, but it was something that they felt they didn’t want to put no money into. So when I gotta come out my pocket and put my own money into my own music, you gotta make real-life decisions.

- Coi Leray

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Transitioning to Island Records in early 2024 marked a fresh start for Leray. Embracing her newfound freedom, Leray wasted no time in collaborating with Island Records, announcing an upcoming project titled "Wanna Come Thru," promising a "grown and sexy" vibe with production by Mike Will Made-It.

Leray's journey serves as a testament to the challenges faced by artists navigating the music industry's intricate landscape. Despite encountering obstacles, Leray remains determined to carve her path and stay true to her artistic vision.

In an industry often dictated by trends and commercial viability, Leray's authenticity and resilience stand out, garnering admiration from fans and peers alike. As she continues to evolve and refine her craft, Leray's presence in the rap scene promises to be both dynamic and influential.

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