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Coi Leray's Condition for Eminem Collab: Father's Approval Required

During a recent appearance on a podcast, Coi Leray delved into the complexities of her relationship with her father, Benzino, shedding light on the challenges she faced while growing up alongside him. Despite the hurdles they encountered, Coi Leray expressed unwavering support for her father, emphasizing her dedication to him no matter the circumstances. Surprisingly, she even disclosed that she would decline a collaboration with the renowned rapper Eminem if her father did not give his blessing. The underlying reason behind this decision stems from Benzino's longstanding feud with Eminem, leading Coi Leray to believe that collaborating with him could potentially cross a line.

In an interview on Math Hoffa's My Expert Opinion, Coi Leray shared her hypothetical approach to the situation, saying, “I would sit down with my father, first of all, and bring it up to him,” she said on Math Hoffa’s My Expert Opinion. “I wouldn’t even ask. I’d be like, ‘Yo, listen. This is what happened. I’m not even expecting an answer. I just need to tell you right away.’” The artist also added, “Me and my father could never be speaking for f*****g years. If that was to happen, I’d be like, ‘Hold on, let me just tell you this. Let me bring it to your attention.’ hopefully, he’ll be like, ‘Yo, you know what? Do it.’”The passionate artist went on to add, "Even if my father and I had gone without speaking for years, I would still feel the need to bring this matter to his attention. With luck, he might respond by saying, 'You know what? Go ahead and do it.'"

In the midst of all this, it's worth mentioning that Benzino took to Twitter in 2022 to express his discontent with Eminem's induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In a series of tweets, he criticized the institution, claiming it lacked respect for Black culture and hip-hop. Benzino questioned the absence of influential Black artists such as Nas, Eric B and Rakim, Kool Moe D, EPMD, Fearless Four, Fat Boys, Lauryn Hill, Lil' Kim, OutKast, and countless others. To further emphasize his frustration, he added, "Get the f*** outta here."

During this controversy, Coi Leray stood up for Eminem, articulating her own perspective on his induction.  “I’m about love, equality, respect and forgiveness,” she explained. “I have nothing against Eminem, 25 years of my life all I know is he a very talented artist and actor! (8 Mile was great) Let’s build bridges and get over them before you burn the bridge and burn with it,” she wrote on Twitter. He later responded to his daughter coming to Eminem’s defense, writing “As far as the lil [parrot] who keeps talking about love and forgiveness. Well there’s this word called ‘loyalty’ and a commandment that says ‘Honor thy Mother and Father.'”

In this intriguing saga of contrasting viewpoints, Coi Leray's commitment to her father and her stance on collaboration become evident. The intricate dynamics of family relationships, coupled with the influence of personal values and loyalties, contribute to the complexity of Coi Leray's perspective on a potential collaboration with Eminem. As the world watches with bated breath, we can only wonder how this narrative will unfold and what decisions Coi Leray and her father will ultimately make.

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