DaBaby Says A Rapper Suggested Starting A Fake Rap Beef Together, Joyner Lucas Denies Allegations Amid Speculation

DaBaby Claims a rapper Asked to Get Into Fake Beef for Publicity But he Declined It

DaBaby Declines Offer to Fake Feud, Joyner Lucas Denies Involvement Amid Speculation
In a recent interview on Shaquille O’Neal's The Big Podcast, DaBaby revealed an intriguing proposition he received from a fellow rapper. 

Discussing the aftermath of J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar's lyrical exchange, DaBaby disclosed that a prominent "lyricist" contacted him with an offer to manufacture a fake feud for publicity.

According to DaBaby, the unnamed rapper, renowned for his lyrical prowess, reached out just days after the J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar incident. 
In their conversation, the rapper proposed the idea of instigating a faux rivalry, citing the buzz generated by Cole and Kendrick's back-and-forth as inspiration. Expressing his initial reaction, DaBaby recounted:
He shot me a text, he was like, ‘Hit me, you gon’ like this.’ I called him and was like, ‘What up?’ […] He like, ‘You wanna go up? How you feeling?’ I’m like, ‘What’s up? Talk to me.’

- Dababy

The proposition was to engage in a diss track exchange, despite maintaining a cordial relationship behind closed doors.

DaBaby Sets the Record Straight on Fake Rap Beef Claims

While acknowledging the potential for heightened attention and notoriety, DaBaby ultimately declined the offer, citing personal reservations. “I’m not about to say certain things about you if I don’t really feel a certain way about you," he stated, emphasizing the importance of authenticity in his artistry.

Following the interview segment's circulation on social media, speculation arose regarding the identity of the rapper in question, with Joyner Lucas's name surfacing among fans. 

However, Lucas swiftly debunked the rumors, refuting any involvement in the proposed scheme:

Man why tf everyone in comments saying it’s me? Lol smh Jesus Christ.

- Joyner Lucas

Despite their reluctance to engage in manufactured conflicts, both DaBaby and Joyner Lucas are no strangers to the world of rap feuds, each having navigated their fair share of disagreements within the hip-hop community.

The revelation offers a glimpse into the complex dynamics of the rap industry, where strategic alliances and calculated moves often intersect with creative expression. 

As artists navigate the delicate balance between authenticity and publicity, DaBaby's decision to prioritize integrity in his craft serves as a testament to his artistic integrity.

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