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Drake Reveals He's Been Waiting for a Kendrick Lamar Battle for 10 Years, According to DJ Akademiks

Drake vs Kendrick Lamar: The Decade-Long Rap Battle Anticipation Unveiled by DJ Akademiks
In the world of rap battles, few confrontations have generated as much excitement as the showdown between Drake and Kendrick Lamar

However, tensions escalated dramatically in 2013 when Lamar dropped his infamous "Control" verse, calling out Drake and other rappers by name. Since then, the rivalry between the two has simmered beneath the surface, occasionally flaring up with veiled disses and cryptic social media posts.

Recently, DJ Akademiks, known for his close ties to Drake, shed some light on the simmering feud during an episode of his Off the Record podcast. 
According to Akademiks, Drake has been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to engage in a full-blown battle with Lamar for over a decade. 

The Canadian rapper has reportedly grown frustrated with Lamar's tendency to drop aggressive verses and then retreat from the spotlight, leaving Drake hanging and itching for a response.
[Drake's] watched the pattern. Like he specifically told me, 'I've watched this guy do the same bait and switch every time. He drops like a verse that people are hyped up about. I'm always ready to engage, always ready to defend myself, and then [Lamar] goes ghost and nothing happens.

- Akademiks

In Akademiks' account, Drake expressed his readiness to defend himself against Lamar's lyrical attacks but lamented Lamar's habit of disappearing after stirring up controversy. 

Drake is said to be particularly irked by rumors of a diss track that Lamar has been teasing for years, viewing it as a bait-and-switch tactic to stoke anticipation without delivering any real confrontation.
You can tell [Drake] wants the showdown to happen now. Not for everybody to go back to their corners and reconvene another time. He wants it now.

- Akademiks

Akademiks Says Drake Told Him He's Been Waiting for This Back-and-Forth with Kendrick Lamar for 10 Years:

Throughout the podcast episode, Akademiks emphasized Drake's eagerness for an immediate showdown, contrasting it with Lamar's silence since dropping his verse on "Like That." 

While Drake has been vocal and provocative on social media, Lamar has remained elusive, leaving fans to speculate on the effectiveness of each rapper's strategy.

Ultimately, the ball is in Lamar's court, and until he decides to step up and respond to Drake's provocations, the battle remains in a state of suspense. 

Whether Lamar will rise to the challenge or continue to keep fans guessing, one thing is certain: the clash between Drake and Lamar is one of the most eagerly anticipated moments in hip-hop history, and fans are eagerly awaiting the next move from both parties.

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