Drake Teases Kendrick Lamar, Suggests He Doesn't Have A Follow-Up To His Alleged Diss

Drake Suggests Kendrick Lamar Doesn't Have Response to Diss Track "Push Ups (Drop & Give Me 50)": 'They Have Nothing To Drop'

Drake Teases Kendrick Lamar Response
Drake's recent activity on social media has stirred up speculation among fans about a potential response from Kendrick Lamar to his alleged diss track titled "Push Ups." While the track has yet to be officially released on streaming platforms, it has been circulating online since last Saturday.

The conversation heated up when L.A. radio personality DJ Hed took a jab at Drake, implying that his actions were an attempt to provoke a response from Lamar's camp, particularly his manager, Anthony Saleh. 

Hed's comments prompted a reaction from Drake, who suggested that there might be nothing for them to respond with, leaving fans curious about what might come next.
Use me as a ‘They have nothing to drop’ button.

- Drake

Drake Suggests Kendrick Lamar Doesn't Have A Diss Ready:

Drake's playful teasing continued on Instagram Stories throughout the week, where he hinted at the possibility of a formal response from Lamar. He posted photos of Saleh with suggestive captions, fueling speculation among followers.

In addition to teasing a potential response from Lamar, Drake also engaged in playful antics with other industry figures. 

He humorously replaced Metro Boomin's face with his own in a scene from Drumline, and orchestrated a drumline performance outside Atlanta's Magic City strip club, adding to the intrigue surrounding his recent activities.

While Drake's teasing may be interpreted in various ways by fans and industry insiders, it's clear that anticipation is building for a potential response from Kendrick Lamar. 

Whether or not Lamar will address the alleged diss track remains to be seen, but Drake's provocative behavior has certainly kept the hip-hop community buzzing with excitement.

As fans eagerly await further developments, the speculation surrounding Drake's alleged diss track and Kendrick Lamar's potential response continues to dominate conversations within the rap and hip-hop community. 

Only time will tell if Lamar will indeed address the situation, but for now, the anticipation remains palpable.

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