Drake Continues Trolling Metro Boomin by Hiring Drummers to Play at Magic City in Atlanta

Drake Trolls Metro Boomin Once Again With Drum Line Outside Magic City

Drake Sparks Drama with Metro Boomin Through Social Media Shenanigans and Marching Band Stunt
Drake isn't showing any signs of backing down in his ongoing spat with Metro Boomin, as evidenced by his recent activities on social media. Taking to Instagram on Tuesday, the Canadian rapper shared a meme alluding to a lyric from his latest diss track, "Push Ups," where he directs a pointed message at the producer.

In addition to his social media antics, Drake orchestrated another stunt by hiring a marching band to perform outside Atlanta's iconic Magic City strip club. This move, while seemingly unrelated, is believed to be another jab at Metro Boomin.
After DJ Akademiks posted the marching band video on Instagram, fans likened Drake's trolling to 50 Cent's tactics. Some joked about Drake's relentless teasing, suggesting it bordered on bullying given Metro's lack of response.

Drake Adds Marching Band to Magic City Lineup, Continuing Metro Boomin Troll Strategy:

The feud between Drake and Metro Boomin escalated following Kendrick Lamar's diss aimed at the Toronto rapper in the song "Like That," a collaboration between Lamar, Metro, and Future. In the track, Lamar delivers scathing lyrics directed at Drake, igniting a firestorm of controversy within the hip-hop community.

In response to Lamar's provocation, Drake remained silent until the release of "Push Ups," his blistering counterattack against Lamar and his collaborators. The diss track marked Drake's official entry into the fray, signaling his refusal to be undermined or disrespected without retaliation.

Metro and Future's subsequent album release, which featured additional artists taking shots at Drake, further fueled the flames of the feud. Notable names like ASAP Rocky and The Weeknd joined in on the verbal onslaught against the Toronto native, prompting him to respond with even greater intensity.

As the feud between Drake and Metro Boomin continues to captivate the hip-hop world, fans eagerly await each new development, speculating on the potential outcomes and ramifications of their ongoing clash. Despite the drama, one thing remains clear: in the realm of rap rivalries, neither party is backing down without a fight.

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