Listen: Drake Drops Second Diss Track Aimed At Kendrick Lamar Features AI Verses by 2Pac & Snoop Dogg

Drake Fires Shots at Kendrick Lamar with Second Diss Track Featuring AI Verses from 2Pac and Snoop Dogg in "Taylor Made Freestyle"

Drake's "Taylor Made Freestyle" Unleashes More Disses Aimed at Kendrick Lamar, Plus AI-Generated 2Pac Verse
Drake Returns With Another Round of Shots for Kendrick Lamar, With Unexpected Praise for Taylor Swift.

Just days after dropping the fiery "Push Ups" diss track, aimed at a slew of rap heavyweights including Kendrick Lamar, Drake is back with yet another explosive release reminiscent of his iconic "Back to Back" diss track era.
Titled "Taylor Made Freestyle," Drake's latest track made its debut on his Instagram account. The song features what seems to be verses from rap legends 2Pac and Snoop Dogg, generated using artificial intelligence. 

Listen: Drake Strikes Back With Second Diss Track to Kendrick Lamar Includes AI 2Pac & Snoop Dogg Verses

With a caption that reads "While we wait on you I guess," Drake introduced the track to the world, signaling that he's not slowing down in the ongoing rap feud.

In the track, Drake doesn't hold back, taking direct aim at Kendrick's silence in response to his previous diss:

High up in the sky like I'm Howard Hughes The first one really only took me an hour or two The next one is really 'bout to bring out the coward in you But now we gotta wait a fucking week 'cause Taylor Swift is the your new Top

- Drake On "Taylor Made Freestyle"

And if you 'bout to drop, she gotta approve This girl really 'bout to make you act like you not in a feud She Taylor made your schedule with Ant, you outta the loop Hate all you corporate industry puppets I'm not in the mood I love it when you n***as talk loose like I'm not in the room Since "Like That" your tone changed a little, you not as enthused How are you not in the booth?

- Drake On "Taylor Made Freestyle"

Drake's lyrics clearly express frustration at Kendrick's delay in responding, with references to Taylor Swift's influence on Kendrick's decisions adding a new layer of intrigue to the ongoing feud.

The track also features an apparent AI-generated verse from 2Pac, where he advises Kendrick on how to handle the beef:

Kendrick, we need yea... the West Coast Savior... If you deal with this viciously, you seem a little nervous about all the publicity Call him a bitch for me Talk about him liking young girls, that's a gift from me Heard it on the Budden Podcast, it's gotta be true.

- Drake On "Taylor Made Freestyle"

Towards the end of the track, Drake sends a warning to "the rest of y'all," hinting that others are also involved in the brewing conflict. 

With each release, the tension between Drake and Kendrick Lamar only seems to escalate, promising more drama and heated exchanges in the days to come.

More Notable Disses Aimed At Kendrick In AI-Verse "Taylor Made Freestyle"

You supposed to be the boogeyman, go do what you do/Unless this is a moment that you tell us this not really you

- Drake on “Taylor Made Freestyle”

Dot I know you in that NY apartment. You struggling right now, I know it. In a notepad doing lyrical gymnastics.

- Drake on “Taylor Made Freestyle”

Shoutout to Taylor Swift, she’s the biggest gangster in the music game right now

- Drake on “Taylor Made Freestyle”

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