Eminem Announces New Album 'The Death of Slim Shady (Coup de Grâce)'

Eminem Announces New Album ‘The Death of Slim Shady’ During NFL Draft Promo

Eminem Teases Album "The Death of Slim Shady" at NFL Draft Appearance
Eminem, the rap icon, dropped a bombshell just before his appearance at the NFL Draft, announcing his upcoming twelfth studio album titled "The Death of Slim Shady (Coup de Grace)," set to hit the airwaves this summer.

Following his cameo at the NFL event, a trailer for the album surfaced online, featuring a true crime reporter dissecting the demise of Eminem's notorious alter ego, Slim Shady. "Through his intricate and often controversial rhymes, the anti-hero known as Slim Shady has amassed a multitude of foes," the narrator states.
The trailer also includes a cameo from Eminem's longtime collaborator, 50 Cent, who bluntly remarks, "He's not a friend, he's a psychopath." The reporter speculates that Slim Shady's provocative lyrics and behavior may have led to his downfall, inviting viewers to delve into the events preceding his demise.

Watch: Eminem Announces New Album ‘The Death of Slim Shady’

In a rare appearance, Eminem himself chimes in, commenting, "I knew it was only a matter of time for Slim."

This announcement comes after Eminem's surprise release of his previous album, "Music to Be Murdered By," in January 2020. The album soared to the top of the charts, debuting at No. 1 on the Billboard 200. 

Its standout track, "Godzilla," featuring Juice Wrld, peaked at No. 3 on the Hot 100, solidifying Eminem's continued dominance in the rap scene.

Slim Shady, an alter ego crafted by Eminem, emerged with his early releases including the "Slim Shady EP" in 1997 and "The Slim Shady LP" in 1999. Renowned for its aggressive and provocative lyricism, Slim Shady's persona has been a recurring motif in Eminem's discography, prominently featured in tracks like "Guilty Conscience," "'97 Bonnie and Clyde," and the aptly titled "Kill You."

As anticipation builds for Eminem's forthcoming album, fans eagerly await to see how the rap legend will navigate the demise of his iconic alter ego and what musical surprises lie ahead in "The Death of Slim Shady (Coup de Grace)."

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