J. Cole Under Fire; Accused of 'Switching Up' on Drake After Joining Future & Metro Boomin's 'We Still Don't Trust You'

J. Cole Faces Backlash for Collaborating with Drake's Foes on Future & Metro Boomin's New Album

J. Cole Sparks Controversy with Future & Metro Boomin Collab Amid Drake Feud
J. Cole is stirring up controversy in the hip-hop world once again, this time for his unexpected collaboration with Future and Metro Boomin on their latest album, "We Still Don't Trust You."

Released as a surprise on Friday, the album features Cole on the track "Red Leather," where he delivers introspective verses over an R&B-infused beat. In his lyrics, Cole reflects on his legacy and struggles with monogamy, even mentioning fellow rapper and OnlyFans personality Rubi Rose.

Future and Metro Boomin Feature J. Cole on 'We Still Don't Trust You,' Amidst Allegations of Drake Diss:

While Cole's appearance on the album may seem innocuous at first glance, it has sparked accusations of betrayal from some fans. Given the ongoing tension between Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and Future, many see Cole's collaboration with Future and Metro Boomin as a siding with Drake's apparent rivals.
The drama surrounding Cole's involvement in the album is further fueled by the fact that "We Still Don't Trust You" contains more shots at Drake, this time from A$AP Rocky and The Weeknd. Their contributions to the album add another layer of intrigue to the ongoing feud between Drake and his contemporaries.

Despite the controversy, Cole's verses on "Red Leather" showcase his trademark lyrical prowess and introspective storytelling. He navigates themes of fame, relationships, and self-reflection with his characteristic depth and authenticity.

As fans dissect the lyrics and implications of Cole's collaboration with Future and Metro Boomin, one thing is clear: the landscape of hip-hop is as dynamic and unpredictable as ever. Whether this marks a definitive shift in allegiances or simply a creative collaboration remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure: J. Cole's impact on the genre is undeniable.

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