Joe Budden Thinks J. Cole Should Diss Kanye West for Redemption Amid Kendrick Lamar Apology Controversy

Joe Budden Urges J. Cole to Address Kanye West After Kendrick Lamar's Apology

Joe Budden Urges J. Cole to Diss Kanye Amid Feud Speculation
J. Cole finds himself in the midst of speculation surrounding a potential diss track aimed at Kanye West, all thanks to Joe Budden's recent remarks.

After Cole's response to Kendrick Lamar's verse on "Like That" was met with controversy and subsequent retraction, Ye added fuel to the fire with his own remix of the track. In it, he took aim at Drake and made derogatory comments about Cole's music.

During a recent episode of his podcast, Budden suggested that now is the perfect time for Cole to address Ye in a diss track. He argued that Ye's recent comments provided Cole with an opportunity to assert himself and silence his critics.
I told y’all that J. Cole was gon’ have to find somebody to kick his ass and it couldn’t be nobody chump and small. There is no better person than Kanye, the n***a that you been had smoke with, the n***a that been had smoke with your OG HOV, who’s now on a record saying some shit about you. I know that you’re home with the sage. You’re saging yourself. I know that this beef shit is not in your spirit but if you were to wake up one day in a different mood, now’s the time. Kill him. Kill him. Make an example out of this non-rapping n***a. It’ll be easy too.

- Joe Budden

Joe Budden Believes J. Cole Can Regain Respect by Taking on Kanye West:

Budden emphasized the significance of Cole choosing Ye as his target, given their history of tension and Ye's previous conflicts with Jay-Z, Cole's mentor. He urged Cole to seize the moment and make an example out of Ye, suggesting that it would be a straightforward victory for him.

The potential benefits of such a move, according to Budden, extend beyond just Cole's personal vindication. He believes that it would serve as a much-needed "reprieve" for Cole and could potentially resolve any lingering issues he may have been facing.

However, Ye has made it clear that he's not interested in backing down from confrontation. In a recent conversation with Justin Laboy, he dismissed Cole's previous apology as "pussy shit," indicating that he's ready to continue the feud.

As the speculation surrounding a possible diss track from Cole continues to swirl, fans are eagerly awaiting his next move. Whether or not Cole decides to heed Budden's advice and take on Ye remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure – the hip-hop world is buzzing with anticipation.

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